FAIL: Logitech’s Scary Google TV Teaser Ad

Thursday, August 26, 2010
By OP Editor

4 years after Apple releases Apple TV (iPod for TV), Google aims to release their Google TV copy this year. The problem is, Google is open to all kinds of messages to represent Google TV. Here’s the odd teaser ad from Logitech.

Logitech Google TV teaser freaks out little girls

WTF: Google / Logitech Lonely TV Part 3 Video FAIL

This is the best representation of Google TV?

We like Logitech. They make great computer mouse (we use them to pwn in TeamFortress 2) and some excellent tiny battery-powered portable speakers [amazon link]. But it’s inexplicable how this oddly WTF ad is approved by the suits:

Original Video (Removed)

Tag line: Television is reinvented. Seriously? Are they selling a device that can scare children? Or are they only selling Google TV to kids who want to scare their young sister? FAIL. Maybe their unofficial tagline is pedobear approved!

By the way, looks like the Google secret business strategy is right on track!

Apple TV: released 2007
Google TV: announced 2010, released sometime in the future

via engadget


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