Lady Gaga @ Apple Cupertino Headquarters?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
By OP Editor

Stop the press! Lady Gaga visits Apple Cupertino Headquarters and didn’t even flaunt her underwear!

Lady Gaga Apple Cupertino HQ

Do you think Lady Gaga [itunes link], queen of glam rock inspired pop music, visited Apple Cupertino HQ to get a white iPhone 4 from Steve Jobs, to perform another private concert, or to sign a deal for a rumored Apple iPhone 4 ad / TV commercial?

Lady Gaga: “Normal” Attire

Is the photo of Lady Gaga at Apple Cupertino campus with Apple employees real or photoshopped? Might be fake because Lady Gaga is not even half-nakked. Here’s her “normal” attire in her Telephone music video:

Lady Gaga regular attire, lether bra, underwear, Telephone music video

Here’s Lady Gaga on the July 8-22 Rolling Stone magazine cover:

Lady gaga Rolling Stones Cover, guns, thongs, tatoos, boots

Come on, Lady Gaga remembered to put on her clothes for Apple HQ visit with CEO Steve Jobs? Now that’s shocking! No Apple executive in the photo background but is that an unsuccessful Steve Jobs photobomb?

Lady Gaga Apple HQ photo features CEO Steve Jobs unsuccessful photobomb

Apple campus photo via 9to5 and twitpic


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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga @ Apple Cupertino Headquarters?”

  1. Don

    I’ve never been ‘gaga’ over Lady Gaga, but as you hsbr speculated, I think she was just there to talk about getting her own branded iPod or something, or she is about to shoot an iTune/iPod commercial or something along those lines?


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