Katie Price Likes iPod & Mac (Mild NSFW)

Monday, August 23, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple iPod nano + iPod shuffle galore on British celebrity and former model Katie Price.

Katie Price Likes Apple iPod

Katie Price Boutique iPod Promo

Who is this, a British version of Kim Kardashian? Looks like someone really likes iPod.

I spy 8 Apple iPod on Katie Price at this promo photo shoot for her boutique iPod range. I wonder where she is hiding her iPod touch or iPhone. What, no Steve Jobs bling?

Katie Price likes Apple iPod nano shuffle

Btw, Katie Price is a Mac:

Katie Price Mac, web chatting

[katie price via thesuperficial]


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3 Responses to “Katie Price Likes iPod & Mac (Mild NSFW)”

  1. Don

    I thinks me likes Katie Price and me thinks me likes her a LOT! Hmmmmm…. yummy!

  2. aargh!

    Oh God no, not that chav!

    Right, I’m getting a Windoze box!!!!!!!


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