iPhone App Makes Your Life an EPIC WIN Game

Friday, August 27, 2010
By OP Editor

To-do list App of totally awesome! Make your life an Epic Win RPG iPhone game!

iPhone to-do-list RPG game Make Your Life an EPIC WIN

What’s opposite of Epic Fail? Epic Win!

Epic Win Real-Life iPhone To-Do List RPG

Epic Win [iTunes] is a to-do list with a Role-Playing-Game spin!

  • Set up your to-do list as quests
  • Destroy your chores in animated battles
  • XP points & rewards for completing your tasks

Here’s a funny, dramatic, over-the-top app trailer:

Will you make progress by conquering your to-do list or will you chicken out and retreat? Will you be a mage of paperwork mountain, maiden of juggled priorities, mistress of task domination, or a king of win? Get the App now or be an epic chicken! Do it, get to the chopper, now!

Download Epic Win: [$2.99 on App Store]


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