iPhone 4 Telescope Perfect For Star Watching / Moon Shot

Friday, August 20, 2010
By OP Editor

Japanese blogger: iPhone 4 camera telescope can “fly me to the moon.”

iPhone 4 moon telescope

iPhone 4 Moon Photo

We know that iPhone 4 has a great camera, as shown in iPhone users screwed and camera test. This Japanese iPhone 4 user didn’t want to carry around heavy equipment with SLR or go to the countryside to watch the stars, so he combined a telescope with his iPhone.

He used a small 175mm/F7 telescope with Vixen’s LV5mm eyepiece, resulting in a 35x telescopic image. The photos are taken with the high quality iPhone 4 camera:

iPhone 4 moon

iPhone 3GS Moon Photo

Here’s a moon photo taken with iPhone 3GS by a Gizmodo commentator (and judging from the photo quality, a better telescope):

iPhone 3GS moon

Telescope in this case is skyquest xt10: 254mm aperture, 1200mm focal length.

hgc.blog.so-net.ne.jp via giz


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