Inception Explained Mac OS X Style

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
By OP Editor

Inception is a highly acclaimed mind bender of a movie. So, what is a dream and what is reality? Here’s one Inception interpretation, Mac OS X style.

Inception Poster horizontal

Will a dream within a dream result in an infinite loop error? Inception did not answer that question but the movie is open to a myriad of interpretations. (There are 6+ mind-bending theories at cinematical)

Inception Explained OS X Style for Apple Mac Users

Video: Inception Characters Questions Plot

Bonus: check out this spoof video questioning the Inception plot:

iOS version here and desktop link here. CH needs to make their website more like Vimeo or YouTube.

Inception explained to Mac uers graphic is from
[Jonah Ray (unclear if he's the author) via buzzfeed]
but OP re-made it to correct 3 mistakes. For example, it’s not Yusuf’s dream on the first level.


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One Response to “Inception Explained Mac OS X Style”

  1. Hum, am told that I got 1 out of 3 changes right, so expect an update when the movie goes on sale.


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