Google Chrome = New Microsoft Windows?

Monday, August 16, 2010
By OP Editor

Google Chrome reveals that Google is the new Microsoft.

Google Microsoft Monopoly Intensions

We all know Google wants to be the next Microsoft monopoly, but here’s the definitive proof!

Federico Fieni: Google + Microsoft = Chrome

Why did Google copy the exact same 4 colors as the Microsoft Windows logo? So it’s easy to mold the Microsoft colors into Chrome!

Google Chrome is new Microsoft Windows

Google’s strategy is to provide platform-independent service on the web, displaying ads and making a perpetual income stream from user services. To help to get its services onto every computer, Google released Chrome, their own browser so they won’t be held back by Internet Explorer.

We should have known when the Google secret business strategy was revealed.

Comic by artist Federico Fieni
via spammmy looking site


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2 Responses to “Google Chrome = New Microsoft Windows?”

  1. Don

    Since the Chrome browser is built on Apple’s open-source WebKit, for me it’s nothing more than Google’s version of Safari. I like to use it, every now and then, but I still prefer Safari and that goes especially for the visual effect of CoverFlow in the history mode. It makes finding things so much easier!

    • For me, if Chrome opens with too many tabs, then some tabs will become stuck. Crashes occasionally too.

      Safari can open with 40 tabs and is more solid than Chrome.


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