CineXPlayer iPad App Plays Xvid AVI Videos, Surprisingly Not Banned Yet

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
By OP Editor

Play avi videos on iPad without conversion or transcoding! Get this iPad app now before it’s gone!

CineXPlayer iPad xvid divx avi video player, Lead Developer demo, Nxp Software B.V

iPad Xvid Divx Avi Video Player

Like the MiTube YouTube video download app, this new CineXPlayer iPad Xvid divx avi video player could be gone at any second.

Apple does not official support none-MP4 videos on iOS devices. (MP4 videos with h.264 have a great balance of image quality at a small size, that’s why Apple and many large companies support the format). Nxp Software B.V. released a workaround for iOS devices though, currently available on the Appple App Store.

CineXPlayer iPad Xvid Video Player Supported Formats

The Nxp CineXPlayer iPad video player [itunes link] is reported to play Xvid and divx videos with .avi extensions.

Get the App now! You even get to see the App’s lead developer, a Russian / European girl, demoing how to add xvid divx avi content with iTunes to iPad! Looks like someone likes the CineXPlayer likes Lady Gaga music videos, including hot hits Poker Face and Paparazzi:

Apple iPad CineXPlayer xvid divx avi video player developer likes Lady GaGa music videos

Needs Poker Face inspired Neutra Face video!

Is the CineXPlayer approval an attempt of Apple to approve more Apps to discourage jailbreaking (see our iOS guides)? We will find out in time.

iPad CineXPlayer None Supported Formats

There is no 720p support at this time, and there is currently no mkv and AC3 video format support with CineXPlayer 1.1. Developer mentions you may occasionally come across some Xvid movie you won’t be able to play.


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5 Responses to “CineXPlayer iPad App Plays Xvid AVI Videos, Surprisingly Not Banned Yet”

  1. Don

    WOW, thanks for sharing…. I don’t have an iPad yet, (I’m waiting for the next version) but this is one think I would definitely get, so I hope Apple does the right thing and allows it to stay.

    • Only works for a small number of avi videos I tested, but it’s a good start. You can download it on desktop iTunes even without the device btw.

  2. Why not use VLC media player app to watch avi videos on ipad, it support all kinds of video.

  3. sandy

    Apple iPad is very hot nowadays, it also stimulates the third-party company’s participation. There is not doubt that dvd to ipad converter appeared so actively in the market.


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