Keeping it Cool: Beer Serving iPad Kegbot

Thursday, August 12, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple revolutionizes the beer-serving iPad kegbot, to keep beer loving employees with secret product prototypes within Cupertino campus?

Yelp Reveals iPad Kegbot, beer serving robot

Yelp Kegbot, Beer Keg Serving Robot, iPad Style

Apple and Twitter might have a new competitor for the beer loving engineers. Yelp engineers just revealed their new kegbot, a beer serving robot controlled by Apple iPad:

Yelp is a restaurant review website with its own iPhone App [itunes link]. Apparently when they are not

Why did the Yelp engineers made the iPad robot?

1. they love hacking
2. they love beer
3. they love iPads

The Yelp kegbot has a beer drinking app that can keep tracks of your drinks and compare it with your co-workers.

Do you think the iPad keg robot can rate the beer drinking happiness level from prototype losing to amazing double rainbow?

[Yelp blog via giz]


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2 Responses to “Keeping it Cool: Beer Serving iPad Kegbot”

  1. Don

    Not only does this look cool, but delicious as well!


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