AT&T iPhone 4 Display Fail: Powered by Windows?

Monday, August 23, 2010
By OP Editor

No wonder people have problem with AT&T service. It’s powered by Microsoft Windows!

AT&T iPhone 4 Display FAIL

Do you think Apple negotiated a contract to use only Mac to demo Apple iPhone? Apparently Steve Jobs did not thought of that? Here’s a supposedly new iPhone 4 display at an AT&T store, having a fail moment by showing that it’s powered by Microsoft Windows XP.

ATT Apple iPhone display fail, powered by Microsoft Windows

Is it an epic fail? Well, Something like this is easily photoshopped, so it may or may not be real. It could be that AT&T is cheap, someone is playing a prank with Windows screensaver (FYI it’s fun to use BSOD as screensaver on PCs), or that it’s photoshopped.

Here’s our QUICK AT&T iPhone display BSOD photoshop:

ATT Apple iPhone display fail, Windows BSOD

AT&T Mobile Data Network Capacity

So why are there jokes about AT&T?

In reality, AT&T describes 40x increase in data usage due to iPhone. That kind of rapid increase in demand of service capacity is difficult to handle for any business.

AT&T is trying to increase capacity, but due to the not-in-my-backyard folks, it’s taking up to 3 years to put in a new cell tower in cities such as San Francisco.

failblog via mosspuppet


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2 Responses to “AT&T iPhone 4 Display Fail: Powered by Windows?”

  1. whizkid515

    I’d call it ironic, but I wouldn’t call it a fail that they forgot to turn the screensaver off.


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