Apple to Release New “iWatch” iPod Nano / Shuffle Update?

Monday, August 30, 2010
By OP Editor

Besides a new iPod touch, Apple is expected to release the new iPod nano or iPod shuffle at the special music / guitar media event in San Francisco. Could it release the iWatch?

Apple iOS iWatch combines iPod touch nano shuffle

Apple iWatch iPad Nano Shuffle Update?

Is Apple releasing the Dick Tracey watch phone on September 1: a fusion of of iPod nano, iPod touch, and a watch?

Earlier rumors are that the new iPod nano / shuffle might come with a squarish 1.8″ screen. Photos of new iPod “leaked” case shows that the new iPod might be in a squarish shape.

So does it mean that the speculation should turn into I Watch for iWatch? But where to put the home button on a square iPod with a square screen? Is it going to like a trackpad type setup? Or maybe the case are for the current iPod shuffle? (It doesn’t have the dock connector but has a mini version within its headphone port).

Apple iWatch, iPod touch nano shuffle replacement, time to change the time

At least with the new Apple iWatch iPod, looks like Katie Price could bling out with more iPods!

via 9to5mac


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2 Responses to “Apple to Release New “iWatch” iPod Nano / Shuffle Update?”

  1. Don

    I actually like the idea; hope it comes true!


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