Apple Store Pwned, iPad Tablet Jailbreak [Exclusive Video]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
By OP Editor

Jailbreaking iPhone 4 at Apple Store is for wussies. Real man pwns 9.7″ display iPads! (So bright, purple, and vivid!)

Apple Retail Store Pwned, iPad Jailbreak

Prank: Making PwnApple / Jailbreaking iPad at Apple Store

Our reader beat us to it while we were considering pulling a Gizmodo or not.

Apple Store iPad pwned! One of our regular readers is quite the prankster. He sent us this video of him making pwn-Apple / jailbreaking iPad at the Apple Store yesterday:

Video was recorded using pwned iPhone 4.

“I saw the MuscleNerd RT about making a JB video at the Apple Store via your retweet. Thought it would be fun to do it.” OP reader on the experience: “It seems a lot longer to jailbreak at the store, especially with the iPad display being so big. For awhile I was pretty worried that Apple Store Employees would catch me with the giant purple jailbreak screen.”

Apple Retail Store Pwned, iPad Jailbreak by ObamaPacman reader

He said he pwned 3 iPad, but didn’t install anything too naughty.

Should have themed that iPad, son!

OMG iPad jailbreak so purple and vivid! (Is there a motion sensitive double rainbow app? It’ll be really funny if someone picks up the iPad and it plays back the famous words: OMG it’s a double rainbow, almost like a triple rainbow!)

Apple Security: Zoom In, Stop, Enhance!

Well, we hope that Apple security won’t do this to the video:

But with all those magical technology and secret labs at Cupertino, we won’t be surprised if Steve Jobs is telling technicians: “zoom in, stop, enhance! There’s your perp!”

Thanks to our secret reader who goes by the name Tiger (not the famous golfer, or is it?).


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