Apple: iPad Delicious & Magical

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
By OP Editor

The iPad tablet is not just magical, as described by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The latest Apple TV ad adds delicious to the list.

Apple iPad Delicious TV ad, seared seasame salmon

Video: Apple Ad, iPad Delicious & Magical

Apple iPad is not just a one-trick magical unicorn! The newest iPad ad describes the iPad as delicious, playful, literary, artful, friendly, productive, scientific and, of course, magical.

We expect in a few years, Microsoft will squirt another late ad for its their knockoff Slate tablet PC, saying the late Micrososft Slate is tasteless, gamey, etc. (That one is free, Redmond!)

Apple iPad Delicious & Magical Featured Apps

delicious: [itunes link, $4.99]
current: [itunes link, free]
learning: [itunes link, $3.99]
playful: [itunes link, $4.99]
literary: [itunes link, free]
artful: [itunes link, $7.99] or [itunes link, $4.99]
friendly: [Safari?] Twitter web site?
productive: [itunes link, $9.99]
scientific: [itunes link, $13.99]
magical: [itunes link, $4.99]


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