TESO LPAD, Fake iPad Knockoff Fail

Friday, July 30, 2010
By OP Editor

Here’s a completely clueless knockoff maker hoping to make a counterfeit iPad running MeeGo, Android, and Windows 7.

TESO LPAD, Fake Apple iPad Knockoff Fail

Knockoff makers are typically pretty clueless, but why does TESO take the hopeless counterfeiter award? Their product looks like a dissected iPad, doesn’t it?

The TESO LPAD iPad knockoff claims to be available with 9.7″ display, 14mm thick (slightly over 0.5″ thick), and these specs:
- Intel Atom 1.2Ghz processor running Windows 7 in August
- Intel Atom 1.9Ghz processor running MeGoo, Andriod 2.2 froyo in September

iPad Knockoff Runs “Andriod” 2.2, not Android 2.2 Froyo

Android is considered mostly by Fandroids to be a credible competitor to Apple iOS due to its claims of “openness,” but TESO doesn’t offer Android with their fake iPad. Instead they are offering Andriod 2.2.

iPad Knockoff Runs “MeGoo” Mobile OS, not MeeGo

MeeGo is a Linux based mobile OS for currently at v1.0 made for netbooks and handhelds. But the TESO iPad counterfeiter is providing “MeGoo” OS instead of “MeeGo.”

Squiggly Apple Letter Not Quite It?

Can’t read what it’s supposed to say but we had a feeling they probably copied the chinese characters for Apple wrong. Upon comparison with translated Apple, the TESO LPAD Apple characters seem to be different than the Google translated “Apple.” Click on image to zoom.

TESO LPAD Fake iPad Knockoff Apple Chinese Text Wrong?

Pretty sure different element means different things (um, Simplified Chinese readers please confirm).

What About LPAD Fake iPad Running Winodws 7?

Intel Atom Running Windows 7 on a 1.2Ghz processor? ROTF. Perhaps try Windows XP if you want to run it on a lowly 1.2Ghz Atom (netbook) processor.

At least TESO is beating the Microsoft tablet OS with an actual release date. But wait, did they mention what year? 2010, 2011, or 2012? It’s not listed on their spec sheet. But of course, seems like the TESO LPAD fake iPad works so well it does not even turn on for the photo opp. Keeping it real fake guys.

via engadget


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6 Responses to “TESO LPAD, Fake iPad Knockoff Fail”

  1. whizkid515

    God, you people are idiots. You realize that those things are typos, right? As far as I see it this is not a fail at all. This is a huge step up for cloners. It’s essentially an iPad running a full desktop OS. That’s what a lot of people were hoping for when it came out. And if people want an android tablet, they can have it. I’m sure this tablet is about as open as any standard netbook.

    • Thanks for visiting captain obvious. Duh!

      You know some of the knockoff makers make “Sany” instead of “Sony” when they are ripping off products? They could be making a low-quality knockoff of the OS.

      Tablet PC has FAILED for the past decade with desktop OS, but somehow iPad sold more in 2 months than 2 years of tablet pc (with desktop os) sales.

      Claiming desktop OS will succeed just shows some people are not grounded in reality. BTW, netbook failed as a product, in terms of business model. To quote you: “God, you people are idiots.”

    • whizkid515

      You realize that they actually ARE running Android and MeeGo, right? Not just a copy of the OS. This is probably the nicest clone of the iPad yet. Another thing, by netbook, I meant this has an Atom processor and probably netbook components, but this is not a netbook. It’s a tablet, and for running Android and Meebo, the Atom excels. I’m not saying that I, personally, wanted a Tablet running a Desktop OS. Windows 7 is a bit better than Vista in terms of tablet capability, but it is nowhere near as optimized as iOS or Android. Tablets failed in the past because they either ran an OS not suited for running on a tablet, or they ran an OS that was cut down and had very little market value. Now, with Android and iOS having significant market share and landed platforms (i.e. the App Store or Android Market), I think tablets will take off as the next big thing in the tech market. They definitely will not replace dedicated computers anytime soon, though. Oh well, you’re probably going to troll back at me anyway.

    • “They actually ARE running Android and MeeGo”

      So where’s your evidence? The product is not even released yet. Sure, stick with your Panasanic music player.

      Ever read the W7 tablet reviews? They are still not designed for touchscreen use.

    • whizkid515

      Hahahaha. You really don’t know anything about me. I’m a mac user, and I’ve had all iPods. Did you do anything but skim over my comment? I said that Windows 7 wasn’t a good tablet OS “Windows 7 is a bit better than Vista in terms of tablet capability, but it is nowhere near as optimized as iOS or Android.” Why do you think HP scrapped their Win7 tablet for a WebOS one? TESO has come out with Android iPad knockoffs before, so I can only assume this will run Android. I think this will be a pretty decent iPad knockoff. It looks the part very well, and it has a capacitive screen, too. Although, to be honest, I’d like it if they didn’t copy the iPad’s design, but instead make their own tablets to compete with the iPad. I think they’d get a bit more credit then.

    • Yes, skimming fail.

      But still no evidence on whether it’s actually running Android or the Nokia os.

      FYI Android tablets cannot access the android market place, per Google orders.


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