Steve Jobs White iPhone 4, Photoshop & Funny Captions

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn’t demo a white iPhone 4 at his 2010 WWDC Keynote, but there are always photoshop + funny captions.

White iPhone 4, Steve Jobs Headshot WWDC 2010 photoshop

White iPhone 4 won’t be available until second half of July due to production constraints, so of course some people are going to parody it. Here are some funny quotes and images.

Steve Jobs: iPhone 4 Dropped Calls

“Dropping calls? Hold it like this”

Steve Jobs: AT&T iPhone 4 Pre-Order

Steve Jobs ‘quote’: “I told the AT&T CEO he could have this if the iPhone 4 pre-orders went smoothly. Guess it’s mine now”

Steve Jobs: DIY White iPhone 4

We didn’t know the Apple CEO encouraged DIY white iPhone 4…

Steve Jobs, DIY White iPhone 4

“Use white out, not a big deal.”
- Steve, Sent from my iPhone

Steve Jobs: Can’t Touch This

Perhaps Steve can channel MC Hammer: “Can’t Touch This!”
Steve Jobs White iPhone 4, MC Hammer Can't Touch This

Got a better white iPhone 4 quote? I dare you to post it in the comments.

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