Steve Jobs Joked About iPhone 4 Gizmodo Warrant at AntennaGate

Sunday, July 18, 2010
By OP Editor

Oh Steve, he still finds time to throw in some humor at the iPhone 4 AntennaGate press conference Q&A.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Points

iPhone 4 AntennaGate press conference Q&A

Q: Did you consider [iPhone 4] recall?
Steve Jobs: When you love your customers, nothing is off the table. But we want to be data driven. We send engineers to people’s homes with test equipment and take logs…
Bob: For the record, we told them we were coming.
Steve Jobs: And we didn’t bash down any doors! [Laughs.]

Rimshot! Is that a message to Gizmodo about not messing with iPhone 4 jailbait?

Transcript via gdgt


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