Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Case Bling Made with Swarovski Crystals

Sunday, July 11, 2010
By OP Editor

Want Swarovski Crystal bling with rainbow Apple logo on your iPhone 4? There’s a case for it.

Steve Jobs Bling iPhone 4 Case Made with Swarovski Crystals

You got to get this iPhone 4 case if you are the ultimate Apple fanboy. The Steve Jobs iPhone 4 case is made by hand by Crystal Icing with shiny Swarovski crystal. These customized iPhone 4 and 3Gs case start at $299 and can be “iced out with up to 3000 Swarovski Crystals to your exact specifications.” They also make cases for iPod touch and iPad.

What do you think? Is it art?

Gizmodo’s Jason Chen describes “At the very, very least, it keeps the hand away from the antennas.”

Well, At least it doesn’t cost $2250 like the iPad case they are selling.

crystalicing via gizmodo


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4 Responses to “Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Case Bling Made with Swarovski Crystals”

  1. Definitely for the serious Apple customer, compared to the $100,000 case I saw last week its great value for money.
    Fill ya Boots.


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