iRony: Shanghai Apple Store Pudong Shirt Made in LA, USA for China

Saturday, July 10, 2010
By OP Editor

The special edition Apple Store Pudong “star gate” t-shirts must be the most expensive t-shirts to grace China.

iRony, Shanghai Apple Store Pudong star gate Shirt Made in LA USA for China

As you know, China is well known to produce a huge number of products for foreign companies, such as clothes, electronics, and computers.

As discovered by Joe of who attended the Apple Store Pudong opening, the special edition t-shirt is made in the USA. More specifically, made in downtown LA. Isn’t it ironic that Apple imported t-shirts into the country known for making t-shirts?

Made in Downtown LA USA, iRony, Shanghai Apple Store Pudong star gate Shirt Made for China

Well, looking at our collection of Apple special edition T-shirts over the years, almost all are made by the same company in the USA. Keeping the same t-shirt supplier is probably why it the Apple Store Pudong is not made in China. Or do you have a conspiracy theory?

Photos by via macrumors


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