iPhone Maps App [Video Tip]: 1-Handed Zoom In / Out

Monday, July 26, 2010
By OP Editor

Finger Tips: how do you zoom in / out of iPhone iOS Maps App with just 1 hand?

Maps App 1-Handed Zoom In Out, iPhone iPod touch tips

iPhone Maps App has great multitouch zooming that works really well for zooming to the scale you want. However, there is no button for zooming. It’s hard to multi-touch with the hand holding the iOS device in our experience. Especially when driving.

But here’s a solution. Most new iPhone 4 users probably don’t know about this:

Maps App Zoom Shortcut for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Here’s how to zoom in and zoom OUT of iOS Maps App (which uses Google Maps data) with just 1 hand:

  • Double tap to zoom in
  • 2 finger tap to zoom out

Here’s a 30 second demo video of this tip:

How it works: Ensure both fingers touch the display at the same time. There should be a small gap between the fingers, otherwise iPhone will think you’ve made an accidental touch.

The 2 finger iPhone zoom gesture is also good for something else too (Party on!):

devil horn hand sign

Not to be confused with the Hawaii aloha:

Hawaii Aloha Hand Sign

Maybe someone with Vulcan salute can multi-touch it better? Like this hot trekkie girl:

hot trekkie Vulcan salute

Please enlighten us with your wisdom if you got a better way to multi-touch iPhone and iPod touch with one hand. Will LOVE to see a video of someone getting this to work with iPad, with 1 hand, we dare you.

PS. Just figured out the 1-handed iPad multi-touch hold. =p


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