iPhone iOS 4 DJs Can Now Scratch Your iTunes Library

Friday, July 9, 2010
By OP Editor

The world’s most compact Professional DJ Turntable can now access your iTunes library songs.

iPhone iOS 4, DJs Can Now Scratch Your iTunes Library

Previous iOS can access and play iTunes library songs & playlists, but the App can’t manipulate the music. A new feature in iOS 4.0 is the ability for apps to manipulate your iTunes library, so a professional DJ don’t have to keep a second music library.

Here’s one of the first DJ apps [itunes link] to scratch your music on the world’s most compact professional DJ turntable. Importing music is said to be slow at this time, but check it out:

Flare Scratch app, the big brother of Baby Scratch, is capable of 11ms clicks, custom beat loop support, multi-touch zoom in and out of the turntable, and more.

Flare scratch [itunes link] via engadget


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