High Resolution iPhone 4 Pacman Wallpaper

Thursday, July 22, 2010
By OP Editor

If you like Pacman & Ghosts frozen in time on your iPhone, then this wallpaper, remade for iPhone 4, might be for you.

iPhone 4 High Resolution Pacman Wallpaper

The original Pacman iPhone wallpaper (available here) was made for the standard resolution iPhone display. But iPhone 4 Retina display contains 4 times the pixels, so blue43fan remade the wallpaper for iPhone 4. Good job!

To install on iPhone 4 / iOS 4:

  • Click on image once for full image
  • Hold on image to save
  • Set this image to home screen in Wallpaper settings

Here’s another iPhone 4 Pacman wallpaper. This one is closer to the original pixelated look, with apps that “glows” blue:

pacman iPhone 4 wallpaper original

via MR forums


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