First Apple iPhone 4 Knockoff, video: Air Phone no. 4

Friday, July 2, 2010
By OP Editor

Video of the first Apple iPhone 4 knockoff. The Air Phone No. 4

First Apple iPhone 4 Knockoff

Video: Fake / Counterfeit iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4’s design is one of the least well kept secrets in silicon valley history. So it’s no surprise that there are already Chinese knockoffs of the iPhone 4:

If you want a phone with poor viewing angle and slow interface, then this is the phone to get. It’s not even made by HTC / Motorola / Microsoft this time.

iPhone 4 Knockoff, Photo Interface

Surprise, surprise, no multi-touch, no swipe.

iPhone Knockoff Fail

The iPhone 4 Air Phone knockoff is suppose to have a 5 megapixel camera, but it turned out to be only 0.3 MP. The photo / video quality of the knockoff is horrible. The reviewer cannot figure out how to do a “FaceTime” video call with it.

Apple iPhone 4 knockoff 64GB

It is listed as having 64GB storage, but it actually contains 64MB internal memory, less than 1% of the stated capacity. The touchscreen is not responsive, Mail app is not email, and many more issues plague the Air Phone no 4 iPhone knockoff.

[via micgadget]


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2 Responses to “First Apple iPhone 4 Knockoff, video: Air Phone no. 4”

  1. chris

    Sweet… an iPhone with a replacable battery. (also I am aware it is an otherwise crappy knockoff… but still give the people what they want and they might buy)

  2. Realowner

    Wow why not just buy a real Iphone! Knock offs are sooooo 1990


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