Dell is Overpriced! Apple Cinema Display Cheaper

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
By OP Editor

Looks like Dell is too expensive and over-priced when comparing to the latest Apple Cinema Display!

Dell Overpriced, UltraSharp 27 inch monitor, more expensive than Apple Cinema Display

The new 27″ Apple high quality IPS LED-backlit Cinema Display is priced at only $999, which turned out to be cheaper than a similar display sold by Dell. Here’s Dell’s page:

Dell UltraSharp 27 inch monitor, expensive

And the Dell display doesn’t even come with web-cam or built in speakers / microphone. What a rip off! OP Editor shakes fist at sky and feigns outrage in =p

via 9to5


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4 Responses to “Dell is Overpriced! Apple Cinema Display Cheaper”

  1. Don

    Not only does the new Cinema monitor have more features, for less money, it’s a hell of a lot better looking to boot!

    On the other hand, the Dell has a few extra connections such as HMDI, but I’ll take the Apple Cinema any old day…. its a better value over all.

    • The extra HDMI connectors are nice, but the webcam beats it.

      Oh and HDMI switches are pretty cheap. I use one with DVI to HDMI cables.

  2. leif ferguson

    Yeah, but it only goes to mini displayport. If you wanna use it with any other device (older mac, windows PC) that doesn’t have mini displayport, you need to buy a third party MDP-DVI adapter that’s going to run you around $100/$150., making it the same price or more than the dell. Versatility is the biggest downfall.


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