Cute: Creative Mac Director Makes Star Wars AT-AT as Family Pet, Stop Motion Short Film

Thursday, July 1, 2010
By OP Editor

Pretty awesome stop motion video of Star Wars AT-AT as family pet, by creative Mac director.

Cute, Star Wars AT-AT as Family Pet, Stop Motion Short Film, by creative Mac director Patrick Boivin

Video: Star Wars AT-AT as Family Pet

Patrick Boivin is a French Canadian director / Mac user. He’s the creative behind the script, light, camera, directing, editing, animation, special effects, and sometimes music of his amazing short films.

Here’s Boivin recording sequence on his Apple MacBook Pro, for his Joker vs. Batman stop motion video:

Patrick Boivin Mac, Joker vs Batman

Making of Bad Boy Joker vs. Batman

Video: Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean Dance Off

Here’s another fun stop motion film, Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean dance off.

Now, we just need to get him together with the creative behind Mosspuppet to duke it out.

via geekologie


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