Beware of iPhone iOS 4 Unlock Scams:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
By OP Editor

Sites such as promises “3G, 3GS & 4 iOS iTunes iPhone Unlocking,” and “100’s of free iPhone Applications” including Super Monkey Ball. Legit deal or scam? unlock iPhone 3g 3gs 4 iOS latest firmware 4.0 software unlocking scam

Seriously? “Software Unlock 4 iOS” FAIL Scam

Unfortunately, unlock4ios is just the latest variation of a scam that has been around since the original iPhone. Let’s look at the main page of the site:

iPhone 4 latest firmware unlock, unlocking software scam

The software unlock provides features such as:

  • “enable GPS”
  • “enable RSS Feeds”
  • “enable Instant Messengers”
  • “installer app”

In reality, GPS has never disabled (except for maybe one fairly small country). RSS is never disabled. IM clients has been available in the Apple App Store for years. Installer App? Are we back in 2007 / 2008?

Perhaps “enable touchscreen” would be available in the next version of the iPhone iOS 4 software unlock?

Contact an iPhone Unlock Scammer, at

There are plenty more things wrong with their home page, but let’s move on to their contact page:

contact page fail, iPhone 4 latest firmware unlock, unlocking software scam

Looks like they will answer your questions about nurseryGoods and furnitureSets as soon as possible.

Now that’s great iPhone 4 unlocking customer service! (Sarcasm)

Real Deal: Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs 3.1.3 Unlock

Unlike the fake site, here’s the iPhone iOS 4 unlock reality, at this point in time:

iPhone 4 unlock: MuscleNerd is getting close, but currently there is no iPhone 4 unlock besides Apple’s unlock available only in select countries. GeoHot did teased about an iPhone 4 unlock but isn’t planning on releasing it anytime. (Don’t bug them about a release date!)

iPhone 3Gs unlock: there is no unlock for those on new bootrom. There is no unlock for those with 3.1.3 or later, not jailbroken, and don’t have 3.1.2 ECID SHSH saved (plus number of exceptions that may or may not apply.)

Of course, we’re not saying things won’t change in the future. It’s just that at this time, it’s impossible for some of the devices they claimed they can unlock.


For those with some knowledge of iPhone, reading scammer site such as this is like reading The Onion. Unfortunately, this is just one example of people who steal the hard work of real jailbreakers.

The real iPhone jailbreakers such as those mentioned in the previous section or the unofficial dev team has always graciously release their iPhone unlock / jailbreak tools, without charge, to the Apple community.

So, don’t pay for a software that is released for free. Who knows what scam sites such as will do to your credit card. Perhaps this. Anyway, for the real iPhone 4 unlock / jailbreak news that won’t cost you your credit card, bookmark, subscribe, and check back here to We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Check out real, free iOS jailbreak / unlock guides.


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4 Responses to “Beware of iPhone iOS 4 Unlock Scams:”

  1. JDW

    After being cheated today (March 23, 2011), I wanted to report another fraud site:

    Note what they say at the right side of that web page, claiming their IMEI unlock is better than a Software Unlock. Well, when you pay them money, you find out that their method is in fact a software unlock. In my case, I was trying to unlock an iPhone 3G, which was originally purchased in Japan, locked to the SoftBank network.

    Their method is also dependent upon using Baseband 06.15.00, which is known for GPS problems.

    What you get is not what they advertise at all.

    • Hi JDW, sorry to hear that.

      If you paid with credit card, at least in the US, you can tell them to remove the charge because merchant did not deliver the product as promised.

      You should be able to unlock with software, without paying any fees. Stay tuned for some info in our iOS jailbreak guides:

  2. JDW

    I wanted to write a follow-up to my previous comment here, in light of the email I received this morning. Today that “” fraud site sent me an email to claim that the *.no domain “has lapsed and has now been taken over by a scammer who are absolutely unable to deliver on their promises, answer support, or refund customers.” Seriously, that’s what it says. Furthermore it says, “Please DO NOT user this website for purchases in future, always come to:”

    The English used in the email was written by someone whose English was likely a second language. It was good, but far from perfect, containing more mistakes than even a bad native English speaker would make.

    Forget jail-breaking. These wicked people need to put thrown into jail and the key cast into the deepest sea. It’s amazing that the UK police (which is where they appear to be located) have not shut these nuts down after all these years. Simply amazing.

    (Thank you for the previous advice though, I’ve contacted my credit card company in hopes of getting my money back.)

    • Sorry to heart that. Don’t believe anything the scammers claim.

      Well, basically the sites that charge money for unlock software offer 2 things:
      - They don’t have a working product. They tried to charge enough money and abandon the site before the credit card charges are reversed.
      - They charge for the exact same software that’s released by jailbreakers for free (those software are covered here, for free).

      In this case it’s the first. The hilarious thing? The scam site itself has a blog post that lists other scam websites.


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