Artist David Lanham Will Draw Your Portrait, Over iPhone 4 FaceTime

Monday, July 26, 2010
By OP Editor

Artist David Lanham draws cool portrait caricatures over iPhone 4 FaceTime.

I Draw You, Over iPhone 4 FaceTime, Artist David Lanham

David Lanham is an artist from the Icon Factory, known for Twitterific and other software. For $50 he will draw you a really cool portrait caricatures avatar over iPhone 4 FaceTime. Some examples on a Flickr gallery.

There’s even a smiley face cloud. That must be a really cool FaceTime call. Or can you say photoshopped, or paintershopped? =p

An example of how he does his vector drawings:

Vimeo Video

I wonder how long the FaceTime portrait will take?

[ via giz]


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One Response to “Artist David Lanham Will Draw Your Portrait, Over iPhone 4 FaceTime”

  1. Hi OP Editor

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