Apple Design History Homage Video

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Beautiful short film by Mac collector of various Apple designs over the years, from old school Macs to newest iPhone and iPad, set to movie-trailer-like music.

Mac 128k, Apple Design History Homage Video

Apple Design History Homage Video

The video of his retro collection of Apple computers and products is filmed on a DSLR by Matts Macintosh. The goodies range from Apple II, bubble iMac, G4 Cube, iPod, to present day iMac, iPhone, and the flattest iPad ever.

Apple Design History Homage Video, Macintosh rainbow logo

You can see the Apple design evolution from beige, black, translucent colors, white, to current glass and aluminum. OOOOOH SHINY!

Matts Macintosh via tuaw


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2 Responses to “Apple Design History Homage Video”

  1. Don

    This is a nice collection and one that brings me back a long time. My very first Mac was a used Mac Plus just like the one in the video. It had one meg of Ram and I was impressed! It still cost me over $1,200 but I thought, at the time, I was getting away with murder since a new one still cost some $2,500! I remember how excited I was when I bought a tool to crack the case that allowed me to upgrade it to 2.5 meg of Ram, and the day I bought a used Apple 40 meg external hard drive that I still have and works as good as the day I bought it.

    • Cool, sounds like a good deal. My first experience is with the SE-30.

      The one in top image probably one of the original 1984 Mac, which comes with 128k of RAM. 128k… Wow.


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