App Developer Erica Sadun Demos: iPhone 4 Antenna Death Grip

Thursday, July 8, 2010
By OP Editor

Want to demonstrate the iPhone 4 antenna death grip? There’s an App (yup, the most original joke ever) for that.

App Developer Erica Sadun Demos iPhone 4 Antenna Death Grip

iPhone developer Erica Sadun made an App to demonstrate the iPhone 4 antenna death grip for TUAW:

The App is almost certainly to be an ad-hoc developer install, not available in the App Store.

The phone starts with 5 bars, but holding the phone gets the signal to unusable low 1 bar at -113 dB.

Note, the bar meter demoed in the video is slightly misleading, as it doesn’t show that the phone starts out in an area of low reception. A strong reception is -51 dB, but the video starts with -95 dB. On the other hand, Erica Sadun’s iPhone 4 is displaying 5 bars. That’s due to Apple’s admitted “We’re displaying it wrong” iPhone 4 antenna signal strength mis-reporting.

Basically, this app confirms the earlier findings of mobile phone antenna signal attenuation issue. Tuaw did a follow up video where the iPhone 3Gs also results in signal reduction, but overall slightly better signal strength:

Note that O2 SIM is just a re-branded AT&T SIM, using the same cell towers as AT&T SIM, so the differences are not due to a “different” carrier.

It’s not all hopeless though. Recent study by Anandtech that concluded iPhone 4 can maintain better connection at a weaker signal. The study also discovered that, with the iPhone bumper case, the signal loss is minimized.

death grip and comparison [tuaw]


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7 Responses to “App Developer Erica Sadun Demos: iPhone 4 Antenna Death Grip”

  1. rushbc

    how can i get that app? will it ever be available for download?

    • Probably won’t be accepted? I would guess it might be using private API.

      Just emailed her. Will see what she says.

    • She had submitted it to the App Store. Will wait and see. Don’t forget to bookmark us / subscribe and check back for updates.

    • Any chance a fellow developer could download it if it isn’t accepted? I would guess if she is submitting it to Apple, then she wouldn’t want to let people download and tinker with her code. Unless she is shunned by Apple, in which you submit to Cydia and allow other dev’s to install themselves. Great idea though. Would be nice to see a tutorial of how she built it, let others make their own similar version.

  2. rushbc

    Thanks, I really appreciate that.

    Love your site, just discovered it thru TUAW yesterday!

  3. Congrats!! Happy first birthday. I will bookmark your site. I will also add it to my RSS feed readers. And let me know, please, about Erica’s app status. Thanks!


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