Sydney Bondi Apple Retail Store is First With trees

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
By OP Editor

The new Australian Sydney Apple Store thinks different with skylight and 15 feet tall mystery trees.

Australia Sydney Bondi Apple Retail Store First With trees

Apple Store is know for its modern stainless steel, classy stone floors, and spacious wood tables. Some of the largest stores even gets a glass staircase. Now there is a new variation for select stores.

Ifoapplestore reports the Sydney Bondi Apple Store had its grand opening recently, in conjunction with the iPad international launch. What’s cooler is that it’s the first Apple Store with huge skylights and tree “installations”.

Apple Store Sydney Bondi Australia, first with 4 tree installations

The slightly tinted skylights cover the rear 1/3 of the Apple Store, over the Genius Bar, Creative area, and 4 tress of an unidentified type. The trees are about 15 feet tall, visible from the outside, but are unobtrusive to the visitors to the Creative area.

Australia Sydney Bondi Apple Retail Store First With trees, skylight

Video: Apple Store Sydney Bondi, First with Trees

Future Apple Stores that might get a similar tree installation include the Georgetown Washington D.C. store, currently under construction.

Do you think the trees come from the Steve Jobs’ fruit tree orchards? Do you think Microsoft Store will copy that a few years later?

Photos via Apple, John Lampard / disassociated & video, some with photoshop enhancements by OP Editor
Story via ifoapplestore


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