Reserve / Pre-Order Black Apple iPhone 4 Now at Apple Store

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
By OP Editor

It’s June 15 and iPhone 4 is now available for pre-order from Apple Store.

Apple Store Reserve Pre-Order Black iPhone 4

Buy Apple iPhone 4 / Pre-Order

iPhone 4 with HD video camera can be pre-ordered from the Apple Online Store. It’ll be shipped directly to your door, either home or business on Thursday June 24. iPhone 4 can also be reserved at the local Apple Retail Store for pick up on launch day, June 24 at 7 a.m.

Black iPhone 4: Apple Pre-Order

Apple seems to indicate only the black iPhone 4 is available for pre-order.

White iPhone 4: Apple Pre-Order

At this time, White iPhone 4 is not available for pre-order or in-store pickup.

Where Can I Order iPhone 4

In Addition to Apple Store, there are a number of places where you can order / buy iPhone 4. Keep in mind iPhone 4 launch day (June 24) pre-order might run out like that of the popular iPad, so get your orders in now!

  • Apple Store: Pre-order or reserve for home / business delivery or Apple Store pickup.
  • AT&T: Pre-order online or in store. Get it from AT&T store or home / business delivery.
  • Best Buy: In store pre-order, $50 payment gift card purchase
  • RadioShack: In store pre-order, $50 down payment
  • Walmart: Launch day only, no pre-order

You can also wait for launch day to buy your iPhone 4 but that’s not recommended if you really want one. Launch day orders are limited to 1 iPhone per person or 1 per existing iPhone contract line.

To pre-order or reserve iPhone 4 fro Apple, go:
Apple iPhone [apple]

iPhone 4 Pricing / FAQ

AT&T Contract / No Contract Pricing of iPhone 4
AT&T: iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility & Data Plan Video


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One Response to “Reserve / Pre-Order Black Apple iPhone 4 Now at Apple Store”

  1. Note pre-order are all sold out on the first day. If you want iPhone 4 on launch day better plan to get in line early.


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