New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, Works on iPad

Thursday, June 3, 2010
By OP Editor

Using his Apple tablet for work at city hall, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the big apple saves his office time and paper.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Works on Apple iPad tablet

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC is an iPad user!

He is seen here using an iPad instead of notecards. Mayor Bloomberg said the iPad replaces his office’s thick daily briefing book, which results in saving of time and money. He also uses the Apple tablet sometimes in meetings as his computer.

The New York City Mayor uses various Apps on the iPad, including the 311 app to report problems to the NYC government, apps to learn Spanish, and apps for restaurant info, plus virtual koi pond for relaxation [itunes link: this or this?].

The New York City mayor joins various noteworthy / celebrity iPad users, including:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has the Apple iPad (probably 3g version) in the microfiber Apple iPad case.

via macnn


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2 Responses to “New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, Works on iPad”

  1. Don

    After playing with an iPad for the first time today, I was especially impressed with its book reading ability, gaming playing and maps. I wasn’t, however, that crazy about surfing the web and not because of the lack of Flash, but rather because I’m still not quite used to the on board keyboard. Give me time, and I’m sure it will grow on me.

    • Hehe, I was so impressed with the iPad it was the first thing I’ve pre-ordered sight unseen. The keyboard requires different way of holding if you are used to the iPhone.

      I wrote an article on it the first time last week. I was able to touch type (having the Apple iPad case really helps).


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