Microsoft Could Adopt Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Chat Open-Standard

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
By OP Editor

1 week after Apple announced FaceTime video chat open-standard at the iPhone 4 Keynote, Microsoft’s new Kinect announcement brings possibility that it’ll be adopting Apple’s open-standard.

Update: note that Microsoft “could” use the Apple standard, not a 100% confirmation.

Steve Jobs MS VideoKinect, Microsoft Adopts Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Chat Open-Standard

If it happens, Microsoft VideoKinect will allow video chat between Apple iPhone 4, XBox Live (RoosterTeeth / RedVsBlue would probably love it), Windows Live Messenger (meh), and other Kinect clients.

Apple has popularized various technologies over the years, such as GUI, USB, WiFi, WebKit, & HTML5 which are now ubiquitous.

Apple HTML5 Open-Standard Industry Support

The layout engine for Apple Safari, Webkit, is found in number of popular browsers such as Google Chrome for its HTML5 capabilities. Even Google and Microsoft agree that HTML5 will be the future:

Google: HTML5 is the future
Microsoft: HTML5, next generation of Web Standards

Maybe iPhone 4 FaceTime will be another industry first. We’ll tell in time.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at Microsoft XBox 360 Event?

Steve at MS XBox 360 event photoshop by giz. What, do you think Apple CEO Steve Jobs will attempt to sell some XBox at a Microsoft event? Here’s the original:

xbox 360 event,  VideoKinect, Microsoft Adopts Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Chat Open-Standard

via giz


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3 Responses to “Microsoft Could Adopt Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Chat Open-Standard”

  1. What’s your source on this? I can’t find any reference on any apparent announcement that Microsoft is using the same spec as Apple. Many articles stating they *should* but none stating they *are*.


  2. zodiacfever

    i dont see this happening anytime soon though. Microsoft and skype have spent too much time and money on their own video chat options to just throw it all away. We will probably see 3rd party apps tying them all together to give us a seamless experience. That is the best we can hope for now, and its pretty good i think.

    Besides, i would hardly call it a standard yet, as it isn’t even in use or widely spread (it likely will be for iphone users soon though). And who is to say this video chat option will even be SOMEWHAT popular. video chat has never been that popular, and this is even limited to wifi only, despite 3g video chat being very common.

    As for it being open, that may be so. But it’s still very limiting in that you need to pay for those AAC and h.264 patent licences. Perhaps something like WebM would be better suited for the job (yes i know its not quite as effecient as h.264, but at least its free, and with backing from all firefox and Opera users, and likely a major push via youtube, WebM will probably be very popular)

    “Maybe iPhone 4 FaceTime will be another industry first. We’ll tell in time.” in what way will this be an industry first? Vide chat has been around for many years where it supports both 3G and wifi, so facetime is quite the late joiner. Of course, Apple has a way of making things popular, even though they have been around for years, and that is impressive of course. But not the same as “industry first”


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