Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote: Steve Jobs Introduces iPhone 4.0 with HD Video

Monday, June 7, 2010
By OP Editor

2010 WWDC brings Apple iPhone 4.0 and more! Steve Jobs demonstrates new iPhone 4. “2010: Biggest leap since original iPhone.”

Apple iPhone 4 with HD video, Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC 2010

iPhone 4 WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs Keynote Coverage

iPhone Revolution, Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote

“In 2007, iPhone reinvented what we think of as a phone. It’s hard to remember what it was like before iPhone!” Apple CEO Steve Jobs: “In 2009 the iPhone 3GS was twice as fast. For 2010 we’re going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone.”

iPhone 4 Specs, Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010:

  • All new design
  • Thinnest smartphone ever
  • Stainless steel for strength
  • Glass for optical quality and scratch resistance
  • Integrated antennas
  • Extraordinary build quality
  • Front camera
  • LED flash
  • Second microphone for noise cancellation
  • 802.11n WiFi
  • Environmentally friendly hardware
  • Gyroscope
  • and MORE!

All new design, Apple iPhone 4 with HD video WWDC 2010

Antenna, Apple WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote

Stainless steel band as part of the iPhone 4 antenna system, it’s never been done before:

Stainless steel case with integrated antennas, Apple iPhone OS 4 with HD video WWDC Steve Jobs Keynote 2010

Display, Apple WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote

Highest resolution display on the market, 326 pixels per inch, sharp even when magnified up close. 960×640 pixes (4x more than iPhone 3Gs).

IPS high quality display for accurate color, just like iPad, 800:1 contrast ratio (OLED not available at such resolution). iPhone OS 4 renders existing apps at higher resolution on the Retina Display.

High resolution IPS display, Apple iPhone 4 with HD video WWDC 2010

Internal Hardware, Apple WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote

iPhone is Powered by Apple A4 processor, like the iPad. (Do you think it is 1337? []) The iPhone 4 design allows for even longer battery life!!! Up to 7 hours 3G talk time, up to 6 hours browsing on 3G, up to 10 hours browsing on WiFi:

Great battery life, Apple iPhone 4 with HD video WWDC 2010

In terms of communications it has Quad-band HSDPA/ HSUPA GSM, 802.11n WiFi, GPS.

Sensors, Apple WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor

Gyroscope is new, great for gaming (possibly good for turn by turn navigation / GPS while out of satellite coverage, such as in a tunnel)

Gyro great for gaming, motion sensing, , Apple iPhone 4 with HD video WWDC 2010

High Quality Camera, Apple WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote

Camera quality depends more than the number of megapixels. The iPhone 4 camera is better quality than comparable devices.

It even records HD videos, LED Flash. iPhone 4 records full HD 720p videos at 30fps. Build in video editing with iMovie for iPhone.

iPhone OS 4 Renamed: “iOS4″

iOS 4 golden master candidate, Apple iPhone OS 4 with HD video WWDC 2010

Note iOS4 is owned by Cisco, who also owned the original iPhone name.

  • Over 100 new user features
  • Over 1500 developer APIs (for apps to interact with iPhone OS and the phone)
  • Multitasking done right
  • United email inBox for those who have multiple email accounts
  • Email threading
  • Deeper enterprise support
  • Folders
  • Bing, HTML5 based: “Microsoft has done a really nice job on this, it’s an HTML5 presentation, it’s great”

The 100 million iOS devices expected to be sold this month.

New Apple iPhone OS / iOS Apps

iMovie, as mentioned earlier for HD video editing on iPhone.

New iBooks App for e-books: sync your place, notes, and bookmarks across all your devices. iBookstore has 1 purchase syncs across different devices (purchases can also be shared within a household).

iAds to allow developers earn money with HTML5 ads. Allows interactivity as mini-Apps. Nissan has an iAd for their fully electric car.

Already $60 million iAd commitments this year.

One More Thing: FaceTime Video Calling!

FaceTime video calling has amazing video and audio quality. Runs on iPhone 4, switching from front or rear camera automatically. Portrait and landscape, with amazing video / audio quality.

FaceTime video calling is iChat for iOS4, Apple iPhone 4 with HD video WWDC 2010
iPhone 4 video calling works anywhere there is WiFi in 2010.

Release Date, iPhone 4

Golden master candidate for developers today. They are almost the final version of the iPhone OS. iOS4 upgrades for iPhone 3Gs and 3G available on June 21, free. Of course, not all features will be supported in the 3G and iPod touch.

iPhone 4 Availability & Price

iPhone 4 will be on sale June 24, 2010, pre-order starts June 15, 2010 at

  • $199: 16GB iPhone 4
  • $299: 32GB iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3Gs $99
  • iPhone 3G discontinued

iPhone 4 will be available in 5 countries (US, France, Germany, UK, Japan) in June 2010. 18 more countries in July. 24 more countries in August, 44 more countries in September with total of 88 countries.

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