Apple Store Reston FAILS at Meeting iPhone 4 Demand

Thursday, June 24, 2010
By OP Editor

A good number of people are getting p1ssy at Apple Store Reston Clusterfucz. The non-reserved line has barely moved since this morning, and has been basically stuck since 8:30 am.

Apple Store Reston FAILS at Meeting iPhone 4 Demand

Here’s the latest iPhone 4 line at Apple Store Reston. Jason, the person NEAR the FRONT of the non-reserved line was there since 10:30PM of the previous day, and it’s 11:30 AM. Thirteen hours and still no iPhone:

Fail: Apple Store Reston FAILS at Meeting iPhone 4 Demand

The slight movement of the unreserved iPhone 4 line are basically due to the people who quit the line.

Unlike the iPad unreserved line which moves at 1 unreserved to 10 reserved customer (and that unreserved line moved at snail’s speed), Apple Store Reston is processing almost all iPhone 4 reserved customers but ignoring the unreserved customers. Some Apple employees are saying they are doing ratio of 50 to 1.

But the fact is, Apple Store Reston is ignoring one of the lines.

They are equally customers. Some of them were not able to reserve an iPhone due to pre-orders inundating the server, so why would Apple discriminate against some of its customers?

Apple Store employees had mostly stopped to chat with the unreserved line due to bunch of annoyed potential iPhone 4 customers. They do bring some water, watermelon, and oranges by occasionally though.

Apple Store Reston, iPhone 4 launch, watermelon

Still doesn’t explain the EPIC FAIL at customer service. Plus, AT&T network in the Reston Town Center line vicinity is being hammered to a crawl, but with most people out of battery on their existing iPhone due to the long wait, the network congestion is the least of its concerns.

Although Apple Store Reston’s first queued customer has been long gone, in a recent span of 1 hour, 1 (one) unreserved iPhone 4 customer did managed to got his new iPhone, after 12 hours of wait.

But can Apple do anything about the popularity of the new iPhone 4? All Apple employees are already working (many since 5 A.M.), so perhaps patience is required for those in line.

Update: Got mine, over 12 hours later in the unreserved line. The reserved line wait is said to be around 3 hours.

Had dinner, went home, and passed out.


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20 Responses to “Apple Store Reston FAILS at Meeting iPhone 4 Demand”

  1. Stewart

    I quit the reserved line after 3 hours when it came to a complete stand still for over 30 minutes (around 9am). Going back tonight; hopefully the cluster&!@ will be over.

  2. mark

    Was there in the “Purchase” line from 4:30 until 11:30. Line moved twice maybe 20 feet from people leaving. Never even had a chance. Terrible service.

  3. Brendan

    It’s a disaster over there, no doubt. My best guess is to come back tonight or try Tysons or Montgomery Mall. The Reston store is just too small and too poorly run to deal with all of the demand from Western Fairfax and Loudoun — it draws from a huge area and it’s a tiny, poorly run place.

  4. Stewart

    Any more recent pics? How’s the reserved line now? Total reversal from the iPad launch when they had full inventory at 4pm in the afternoon. Friends who went to Georgetown and Tysons were in and out in no time.

  5. mark

    Went by a few minutes ago and still looks like when I left though my place in line moved about 20 more feet since 1pm

  6. Chris

    Arrived at 4pm. Have made it across the length of the American tap room since then. Be in line by 9pm and they’ll let you pick it up tomorrow

  7. Stewart

    Somewhere right behind you. Was here this AM and it was just as bad. 2 hours for this last half block.

  8. I got in line at 4AM. Got into store maybe around 4:30 PM, and got iPhone around 5 PM.

    Reserved line wait 3 hours
    Non-reserved line wait 12 hours

  9. Brendan

    Wow. I’m glad I didn’t wait then. I was thinking about showing up around 3 or 4am, but no way I could have stayed 12 hours, so that would have been a waste. I’ll see what they have at Montgomery Mall tomorrow during the day, and if it’s the same mayhem, I’ll just wait till next week or something.

  10. I gave up as well. Unfortunate, since I’d have certainly just had them send it to me if I’d known what a disaster it would be.

    Going to let my reservation go, since I couldn’t dedicate the time to waiting that long for unknown results.

  11. Mike F.

    Watched the Reston line all day from office window, got in the reserved line briefly at 4pm but gave up when it looked like it would still be 3-4 hours. Fail.

  12. Brendan

    One update on this. I went this morning around 740am and had my 2 phones and was back in my car by 845am. Thursday seems to have been a mess, but they had enough phones Friday morning for the people who were waiting.

    • Yeah I believe they took care of most people who lined up yesterday, so today MIGHT be less of a rush for some people.

      Did you went to Reston or not? Reston store is fairly small, but the due to its location at Reston Town center, with high concentration of high income folks, the lines might be longer than some other stores.

  13. Brendan

    I went to Reston. When I got there around 740 or so there were maybe 50 or so people in line. By the time I entered the store around 820 there were maybe 50=60 people behind me. It *seemed* like they had enough phones for at least the morning rush.

    • Good to hear that. Congrats.

      Looks like we’ve ended up using the iPhone 4 at the same time, as I went home and fell sleep. Didn’t even get to sycn the new iPhone before I passed out. =p

  14. Brendan

    Heh. Well at least we have the phone. My two phones were “reserved” but not picked up yesterday (had the “reserved” stickers on the boxes). There were a couple of people around me in the line this morning who had reserved for yesterday but couldn’t wait long enough to get their phones yesterday.

    • I thought you can get 2 at the unreserved line, if they are for the same account with multiple lines?

      Yesterday, I would say about 20% of the unreserved line ahead of me left.

  15. Brendan

    Yes I bought two for my account — no reserved or unreserved lines today, just one line. But the boxes I bought had purple “reserved” stickers on them — I think that means they were set aside for reservations yesterday but were not picked up.


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