Valve: Steam for Mac OS X Launching in May

Sunday, May 2, 2010
By OP Editor

This week, Valve announced that May 12, 2010 is the launch date for their Steam gaming platform for Mac OS X.

Valve Steam for Apple Mac OS X, MacBook Pro

Originally scheduled to be released in April, beta testing of OS X Steam by Valve is currently in progress.

Steam for Mac OS X is expected to have feature parity with the Windows version, including:

  • Steam Cloud to transfer game settings, friends list, achievements, and other details between computers
  • Ability to shop from Valve’s online game store
  • WebKit-based internal web browser

Steam for Mac is expected to be released with OS X version of games with Valve’s own Source engine, including Counter-Strike: Source, the Half-Life 2 episodes, theLeft 4 Dead series, Portal and Team Fortress 2.”

Those who already own Windows version of Steam games can download the Mac version for free. From the look of the OS X Steam beta test, some third-party games are expected too.

There is no mention of system requirements, although Valve, maker of Steam gaming platform, is well known for its ability to optimize its software to run well for a variety of hardware.

OP Editor: Valve’s Steam for Mac is expected to be Intel Mac only, and possibly Leopard / Snow Leopard or Snow Snow Leopard only.

via macnn


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