Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division: Macs Are Fun, AND For Business

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
By OP Editor

Macs are so much fun that Office Productivity Suite for Mac comes from Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD), just like Windows games and the Xbox 360!

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division, Xbox 360, Mac Office for Apple computers Are Fun

Yes it’s for real.

The Microsoft EDD consists of:

  • Software, including Office Mac, for Apple computers
  • Retail sales and marketing for Microsoft Office and Windows operating systems
  • XBox 360 Console, Games, Live, Accessories
  • PC games & online services
  • Zune, Windows Mobile Phone (WiMP), and embedded device platforms
  • Others

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division includes Office Mac for Apple computers

Why do you think Redmond put part of the profitable cash cow Office units in with the Entertainment and Devices Division?

Besides Windows, Microsoft earns bulk of its money (or milks its cash cow, depends on how you look at it) from Office. The thing is, Redmond already have a whole business unit / Division on Office.

Perhaps Microsoft executives one day played a prank (let’s do something else that does not make sense) on Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer and it stuck?

Or do you think Microsoft suits put some of the profitable Office departments under “devices” department to hide the huge losses of the Microsoft non-monopoly businesses?

Microsoft: Macs are for Business

Microsoft’s latest business organizationm happening this week with the Entertainment and Devices Division, finally moves the Mac Business unit into the same division as Office.


“Macs are so much fun that Office for Mac comes from Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, just like the Xbox 360.”
- corduroygt, macrumors member


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