Microsoft Copies Apple Inspired Startup Cupidtino

Saturday, May 22, 2010
By OP Editor

Microsoft can’t help but to make a Redmond knockoff of Cupidtino, a dating site that aims to bring Apple lovers together, Saturday Night Live weekend update reports.

Cupidtino For Apple Lovers

Microsoft Version of Cupidtino

So how does it go? Here’s the Microsoft version of Cupidtino, works perfectly in Internet Explorer:

Microsoft Copies Apple Inspired Startup Cupidtino

That possibility is not too far off, judging from what happened to Microsoft Danger Sidekick phones under Redmond management. Come on Seth Meyers, where is the Google version of Cupidtino?

This joke is part of an excellent episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring the funny Betty White and Jay-Z, from earlier this month.

To see the whole episode, download it from iTunes:
SNL Betty White, Jay-Z [itunes link]


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One Response to “Microsoft Copies Apple Inspired Startup Cupidtino”

  1. Don

    Funny and so like Microsoft!


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