iPad 3G Micro-SIM DIY iPhone Sim Mod

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
By OP Editor

Honey I shrunk the SIM card… DIY mod of iPhone AT&T / mobile SIM card to work with iPad 3G Micro-SIM card tray!

apple iPad 3G Micro-SIM DIY iPhone Sim Mod

Background: iPad 3G Micro-SIM

Since the announcement that the iPad 3G uses Micro-SIM cards, FUDsters have claimed that Apple choose to use Micro-SIM card in its iPad so that none of the existing SIM cards would work with it.

Good job ignoring the obvious: that any sim card can be cut down. (OP did it back in the days of first generation iPhone and piggy back sim attachments).

Now, confirmation that this DIY sim card mod works with the iPad 3G!

iPhone SIM to iPad 3G Micro-SIM DIY Mod

Apple iPad 3G can sign up a convenient no-contract data plan. But what if you already have a data plan (say for iPhone)? Simple DIY instruction to make your own Micro-SIM:

  1. Trace out the micro-SIM card on your iPhone SIM
  2. Use an x-acto Knife to cut the SIM card
  3. Once the iPhone SIM is fitted into the iPad 3G, then enter the APN settings to the specific SIM card

Keep the exterior piece so that the DIY micro-SIM can be fitted back into the original iPhone, iPhone 3g, or iPhone 3gs. The next generation iPhone (iPhone 4g?) is expected to also contain a Micro-SIM slot.

Not for Verizon Users

CDMA devices on Verizon are locked down and difficult to transfer, so that Verizon users can’t transfer a data plan easily.

Verizon don’t use international standard SIM cards which make this mod possible on AT&T and international iPhone carriers.

Mod AT&T SIM to Work in iPad 3G [modmyi]


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4 Responses to “iPad 3G Micro-SIM DIY iPhone Sim Mod”

  1. Aston

    Guys, I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. These guys sell it here: gomicrosim.com .What do you think, is it worth buying one? They say it allows me to use my micro sim card from Ipad in my old Iphone 3g, thus saving bucks on the data plan.

  2. Scott

    Thanks for the info on the adapter for the iPad’s micro-sim to fit into an older iPhone. Question – is there such a thing to go in the reverse? I’ve a 2G iPhone with an unlimited data plan but an iPad 3G with a limited one. Granted, the larger sim card might have to external to the iPad but is such possible? Also, were I to let the 2G phone’s service lapse with AT&T, could I still make calls on it using the micro-sim adapter and the micro sim from the iPad? Hope these are not too dumb of questions. I’ve just (mid-August) activated the iPad’s data plan and really don’t like paying AT&T twice. (was not given an option for unlimited data even though I got the iPad 3G the day it came out)

    • Thanks for visiting.

      I believe if you put 2G sim in 3G device AT&T will charge the 3G rates after awhile, you’ll still get the unlimited data though.

      If you want the iPad unlimited plan, and sounds like you qualify, you should contact AT&T for the unlimited iPad plan. So that could be an option instead of getting voice and data plan. We got some articles on VOIP apps that you can use with data-only plan btw.

      There is now micro sim-cutter. Available here: amazon link


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