iClothing Kangaroo Inspired iPad Clothing Has Pouches

Thursday, May 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Australian designed iTee & iDress clothing for Apple iPad by iClothing … Kangaroo inspired invention?

iClothing Kangaroo Inspired iPad Clothing

Do you think it’s a real product? (Right photo)

iClothing Kangaroo Inspired iPad Clothing

A pretty far out iPad accessory from Australia-based iClothing: Marsupial inspired T-shirt and dress featuring reinforced padded pouches designed to hold the Apple iPad. The iClothing iPad pouch dress is AUD $90 (about USD 74) and iPad pouch t-shirt is AUD $45 (about USD 37). Made by iClothing.com.au. Dress is currently sold out.

What a wacky concept. So we’ve made a wacky kangaroo iPad photoshop mashup to go with it! Hope you get a good laugh at the LOL-Kangaroo! (LOL-Roo?)

I prefer to hold the iPad Steve Colbert style. ;)

Bonus: Sleeping Kangaroo Video

Came upon this while searching for photos. This sleeping-roo must be the cutest thing ever:

Kangaroo Photoshop by OP Editor, image source:
Sleeping Kangaroo [flickr]


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