How Apple CEO Steve Jobs Really Beats Cancer, “Secret” Revealed

Saturday, May 29, 2010
By OP Editor

Exclusive, behind the scenes video reveals how Apple CEO Steve Jobs really beats cancer.

How Apple CEO Steve Jobs Really Beat Cancer

Video: Steve Jobs Beats Cancer

The maker of Mosspuppet & Windows 7 Robot Apocalypse explains the secret of Steve Jobs cancer recovery. Emperor Palpatine makes a cameo as Death:

Spoiler alert:

Turned out that Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a deal with Death to save himself from the grim prospects of pancreatic cancer. Luckily Death has some ideas on a new Apple product. Pretty funny iPad roast humor, with something about a larger iPod touch. Come on death, haven’t you hard of iMushroom?

via [mosspuppet]


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2 Responses to “How Apple CEO Steve Jobs Really Beats Cancer, “Secret” Revealed”

  1. I have been using iPad product and it’s amazing. Hopefully, he will overcome the disease.

  2. God bless him. He will be fine because people love him.


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