Google VP: Future of Web is HTML5

Thursday, May 20, 2010
By OP Editor

At the Google I/O developer conference keynote, Google emphasized that developers should reduce dependence on plug-ins and use HTML5 open standard. (Adobe Flash not mentioned as the future).

Google VP Sundar Pichai Keynote HTML5 Web Future

“The future of the web is HTML5,” said Sundar Pichai, Google I/O keynote speaker quoted by CNN. Pichai is the Google vice president of project management who leads innovation efforts including the Google Chrome browser.

In the introduction before the keynote, Google Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, mentions that “The web is the most important platform of our generation.” Google also shows the HTML5 momentum (Apple / iPad added to the slide):

Google HTML5 Momentum, YouTube, Apple iPad, Microsoft adoption

One spike is YouTube’s HTML5 adoption, another spike is Apple’s recent iPad HTML5 recommendation (Google joked that it might be due to a Steve Jobs late night email), another spike is from the Microsoft HTML5 adoption.

Why is Google pushing for HTML5 and NOT Adobe Flash?

Since 2004, with invention of Ajax and the Web 2.0 revolution, a large number of important applications are all web-based instead of desktop (including Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook). None of them are made with Adobe Flash.

HTML has become increasingly powerful over the years. Now, Google claims that web applications, using HTML5, can be comparable to desktop applications:

Google says Web apps becoming more powerful with HTML5

In term of browsers, all major APIs work in all modern browsers (well, except for Microsoft Internet Explorer):
HTML5 in modern desktop browsers

In terms of smartphone mobile browser, HTML5 browsers are everywhere:

HTML5 on smartphone mobile browsers

The mobile browser HTML5 adoption is lead by Apple iPhone OS that also includes iPod touch, and iPad. Even RIM / Blackberry followed suit almost 3 years after Apple’s iPhone adoption of HTML5.

That explains why HTML5 is the future for Google. So much for Adobe Flash.

Google I/O took place at Moscone Center, San Francisco, where Apple does many of its high profile Steve Jobs Keynotes.

Article by OP Editor.

Google I/O Keynote [youtube]
Google Conference [cnn]


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2 Responses to “Google VP: Future of Web is HTML5”

  1. zodiacfever

    testing this out, shows that the CPU usage is exactly the same for html5. On top of that there is the issue with no fullscreen, DRM and of course progressive download vs streaming, meaning that this is useless in its current state.

    HTML5 may be the future, even Adobe embraces this, and welcomes it! but that does not mean it will take over much of what flash does today, or in the future. They can coexist you know.

    And do you really think that HTML5 ads will be any less annoying? in fact, since it will be that much more difficult to block these ads, they may even be more annoying.

    and there are plenty of flash games available on facebook…


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