HUMOR: Google Introduces New Innovative Android Features

Friday, May 21, 2010
By OP Editor

One of the less covered, new, innovative Android features introduced at 2010 Google I/O developer conference (originally leaked at Google Mountain View, California shareholders meeting).

Google Introduces New Innovative Android Phone Features

Video: Google Innovative Android Smartphone Features

Google Phone is smashing monthly fees thanks to a new ad-supported service! Onion News Network (known for its satire), has exclusive on new, amazing Google services for Android phones:

The new Google Android phone features are so awesome, it might become the real iPhone killer / Blackberry killer. How can Apple and RIM compete with this much Google innovation?

Innovative Google Android Ad-Supported Phones

Google can now suggest related products and services using new, innovative technologies:

  • Revolutionary voice recognition software from Google phone can detect keywords and whispers ads right into your ears
  • Ad-based free ringtones
  • Ad-sponsored GPS / Google Maps
  • State of the art ad-supported camera software which uses advanced image recognition to serve Google ads right on your photos

The new Google Android services are seen as a creative extension to the Google business strategy.

Yahoo! Introduces Smartphone: YPhone

Following suit is Yahoo! with its own smartphone knockoff, the YPhone.

Yahoo’s innovative phone allows open consumer choices of child friendly colors made with toy plastic, something which Google does not allow in its boring, closed, walled-garden Android reference “design”. The openness of the Yahoo phones surely looks like a great option to existing Android phones.

Gallery: Google New Service & Yahoo YPhone Smartphone


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2 Responses to “HUMOR: Google Introduces New Innovative Android Features”

  1. hatsunearu

    you know that this is satire u know.. they could have put iOS, Symbian or WM instead of Android and it still would have been funny as crap.

    • @hatsunearu,

      1. The article mentions it’s satire.
      2. iOS is about user experience, not ads, ads, ads. Symbian is clueless, and is about to get scrapped by Microsoft. WM wants to enact the Microsoft tax on all devices. None of it follows Google’s adware Android drones as cash cow business model.


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