Google Makes Playable HTML Pacman Game

Friday, May 21, 2010
By OP Editor

To celebrate 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google has changed its logo to a working HTML5 Pac-Man arcade game! Works on desktop browsers and Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, without Adobe Flash.

HTML5 Pac-Man

NOTE: On May 21, we have emailed Google for more information on the pacman components such as how much of it is in HTML5. Have not heard back yet.

Following its word that Future of Web is HTML5, Google released a HTML5 Pac-Man game as proof of concept. The HTML5 Pacman game will be up for 48 hours, starting May 21 8am PST. The Pac-man game / siren sound works on some devices (google removed the mysterious ghostly siren sounds due to complaints), but the game works on HTML5 compatible browsers (such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox) for desktop computers and mobile gadgets.

This marks the first time people can interact with a Google logo in the Mountain View, California, company’s 12 year history.

HTML5 Pacman Game

Desktop Browsers, Google HTML5 Pac-Man Game

To play it:

  • Single player Pac-Man: Click Insert Coin (or wait few seconds). Then use Arrow keys to control your Pac-Man.
  • Multiplayer Pac-Man: Start single player. Once the game starts, hit “Insert Coin” again to reset and get Ms. Pac-Man, controlled using ASDW keys.

Mobile Browsers, Google HTML5 Pacman Game

Works in Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch mobile Safari browser, and others. Seems to be single player only? Hit Insert Coin. For controls, use black bars on the right or the left. Swipe your hand to input your next move.

TIP: the swipe is inputted when your finger LEAVES the multi-touch surface (some mistaken this behavior for “sluggish” controls).

Google HTML5 Pac-Man: No Adobe Flash Plugin

In an attempt to sell its Flash creation software and collect royalty on its proprietary software, Adobe has claimed that its own proprietary Flash plugin is essential for online videos, ads, and games. So much for that premise.

Video: HTML5 Pac-Man on Apple iPad

Here’s the Google HTML5 Pac-Man game working on the Apple iPad tablet:

Who says online gaming requires Flash?

It’s now removed from the Google home page. To play it, go to:
NEW page [google]

Google senior UX designer and developer Marcin Wichary wrote about the Google PAC-MAN game.


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12 Responses to “Google Makes Playable HTML Pacman Game”

  1. John

    Oh my god. That’s not HTML5, it’s just plain HTML and Javascript. And Flash as a bridge for sound.

    Or, if you want to be anal, it “is” HTML5 because they’re using the HTML5 doctype, but it could be HTML4 and work the same. The game doesn’t use a single new feature from HTML5.

    Please correct your article, you’re spreading misinformation.

    • Thanks for your comment. As you noticed, Google uses !DOCTYPE html. You probably also know that what’s commonly called HTML5 includes a combination of HTML, Javascript, and DIV/ CSS.

    • John

      Yes I do.

      The point is, this game has nothing to do with html5. As I said, you can put a html4 doctype there and it will work the same. Saying it’s an “html5″ game is pointless and just adds to this whole “flash killer” confusion. This kind of article misleads people into thinking that html5 is a drop-in replacement for flash, which it is far from being, especially regarding animations.

      It DOES run on internet explorer
      It DOES depend on Adobe Flash for sound
      It DOESNT use a single new feature from html5. Nothing.

      And i’m writing this from an ipad :)

    • Yes I agree with you. At first I thought it use html 5 until I saw your comment.

      After I checked it doesn’t use any single feature from html 5 and the sound is using flash.

      “Who says online gaming requires Flash?”
      It uses flash for the audio?

    • You know the sound that’s supposedly flash? Google removed the sound because people were really annoyed by it.

    • John

      God, why are you so defensive?

      Sound is still there (just tried on safari), and it IS flash, that’s not an assumption. Take a look at the source code.

      Or better, just accept that this is not your area of expertise and the game is not HTML5. No resentments.

    • John

      And btw,

      1. @jason It’s not ajax either, just plain html and js! Forget the buzzwords!
      2. You mentioned a “siren” sound, it must have bugged out on your browser. The game has full sound effects exactly like the original.

    • Sound in Safari could be browser cache. After the change, there is still sound in my Safari, but no more sound on Firefox, Chrome.

      Yes, the sound has various sound effects, but on browser support pages people complained about the “siren” sound. (Some even called it super mario, lol).

      Spooky sounds!

    • 1. It’s not browser cache, the sound is still there.
      You can still access it at
      See the source code and you’ll find

      The pacman sound is like siren sound, those who said that might be never played payman so they don’t know what the sound is.

      2. I just realized it just now, you blog has title “Apple News, Celebrity Mac Users, & More”, so that’s why you support apple and speaking bad of flash.

      You’re spreading misleading information, I hope you don’t delete my comment and they read John and my comment before leaving the page.


    • @Leon,

      1. Google disabled the default sound element while it was on its home page:

      But they seemed to have reverted to the old version on the new pacman page.

      2. Nice find, Captain obvious! =p Well, joking aside, I am an Apple fan because their products are a good fit for me. And in most cases, Apple is years ahead when it comes to new technologies and to removing of old tech.

      Flash does not work well. Even Android fan can’t spin it in the video review:

      FYI, even Microsoft supports Apple in HTML5 vs Flash.

  2. Jason

    Uh, that wasn’t HTML 5, that was done with AJAX. And if Pac Man is the best way to showcase HTML 5, that’s pretty sad, though no matter, it’s AJAX anyway.


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