Apple iPad Runs Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer FPS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
By OP Editor

The iPhone port of multiplayer first person shooter game Quake 3 Arena, is tweaked to work on iPad’s native resolution of 1024×768! Checkout the screenshot!

Apple iPad Quake 3 Arena

DIY Quake 3 Arena on iPad Proof of Concept

The high resolution Q3 Arena proof of concept, by modmyi forum user Sonikku, requires jailbreak (not in App Store). The DIY Quake 3 Arena on iPad instructions are easy:

  • Get iPhone Quake 3 port
  • SSH into the iPhone, change some text in q3config.cfg, save
  • install Full Force (Cydia), and boom, Quake 3 on iPad

The game itself looks great, but the controls are not optimized for an iPad at this time. I wonder if people figured out how to rocket jump on it yet?

iPad FPS

For those who want a multiplayer iPad shooter that’s more than a proof of concept, there is the Halo-like Nova HD [itunes link], a very well made iPad optimized FPS, with both single player missions and multiplayer gaming.

Quake 3: Arena on iPad at full 1024×768 Native Resolution [modmyi]


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2 Responses to “Apple iPad Runs Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer FPS”

  1. MicroByte

    ID needs to bring Q3 out as an official app ASAP! I love what they did for DOOM and would think John Carmack could get Q3 to do wonders on the iPad.

    I can dream…


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