iPad Car Dash Mod, Part 3

Saturday, May 1, 2010
By OP Editor

The innovative first iPad car mod guys from SoundMan Car Audio are back with their third iPad car installation video.

Apple iPad Car Dash Mod, SoundManCarAudio

Video: iPad Car Dash Mod

This time they installed the amp, speakers for their Apple iPad car install, and figured out a few other things.

They’ve got all kinds of media interest and even been interviewed by CNN.

The iPad car mod guys got some Apple iMac in their shop:

iPad Car Dash Modder SoundManCarAudio has iMac Apple Mac

They discovered that Apple iPad dock + dock extension
provides a clean, line level audio output
provides charging

Good stuff. Very innovative.

1: First Ever iPad Car Dash Mod
2: iPad Car Dash Mod, Part 2


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