Apple iPad 3G & WiFi Dissected

Saturday, May 1, 2010
By OP Editor

Teardown / disassembly of the newly released Apple iPad 3G (& WiFi) by iFixit.

Apple iPad 3G WiFi Dissected

We all know that the iPad 3G + WiFi has a black RF strip on top, but how does it differ from the iPad WiFi? What are its internals like?

Apple iPad 3G Disassembly Highlights

Apple iPad 3G teardown highlights:

  • Different procedure to open than iPad WiFi due to the black RF strip.
  • 5 antennas in iPad 3G: 2 for cell reception with one in RF strip and 1 attached to LCD frame. 1 GPS antenna in RF window. 2 antennas for WiFi / Bluetooth, one in Apple logo and 1 to the left of dock connector.
  • Apple seems to be using the entire iPad LCD frame as antenna.
  • Same baseband processor (provides cellular functions) in iPad 3G as iPhone 3Gs
  • Different GPS chip than iPhone 3Gs.

More at ifixit
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