Android 2.2 Froyo Browser Speed Test: Adobe Flash Performance “A Little Buggy”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
By OP Editor

How does the 2010 Android iPhone knockoff compares to the 2009 Apple iPhone in terms of web browsing speed? Video speed-test-review of Apple iPhone vs. HTC Google Nexus One with 2.2 Froyo vs. HTC HD2.

Browser Speed Test, Google Android 2.2 Froyo with Flash vs Apple iPhone vs HD2

Adobe Flash: “A Little Buggy.”


This week, Google released the latest Android update, 2.2 Froyo. Surely, Google, a company touting an “open” platform would release its latest “open” software to all “open” Android devices? Nope.

At this time, Android 2.2 Froyo is only released for Google’s own Nexus One with very low demand.

Meanwhile, Google ignores the various fragmented versions of Android phones, most of which are so “open,” they are stuck with obsolete software.

Android 2.2 Froyo is supposed to be much faster at web browsing than the most recent release. It is also said to have Flash 10.1 beta, made with full cooperation between Google and Adobe. So does it work? Not very well.

Flash Claims

When it comes to describing Flash, the Android 2.2 Froyo speed test review speaks full of marketing buzzwords straight from Adobe PR:

“you can experience”
“you can interact”
“rich flash content”
“very smooth flash games”

Flash Reality

The same reviewer on actual performance of Flash:

Flash: “it’s a little bit buggy” (5:46)
“Scrolling [with flash] is a little bit slow”
Flash pages “load slower”
“Really slows down scrolling and the speed of which your pages load”

Video: iPhone, Nexus One Android 2.2 Froyo, HD2 Speed Test

See 4:30 for the lagging Flash page:

Browser Comparison: iPhone Safari, Android Froyo, Opera Mobile

The test includes 3 phones

2009 iPhone, 4.0 BETA, Mobile Safari
2010 Nexus One, Android 2.2 Release
2010 HD2, Opera Mini, using server based rendering

A comparison of 2009 iPhone with 2010 phones, ignoring the fact that Apple is releasing a new iPhone in a few weeks. (Year: North America release.)

Pages with Flash Ads

When visiting sits containing Flash ads, out of 3 phones, iPhone finishes first.

Android phone struggles with the page, displaying a choppy page with laggy scrolling. The review calls it “a little bit buggy.”

In no time, he gets an error with Android Froyo / Flash: “Phone storage space is getting low” which he suspect Flash is the culprit. To fix that, he had to reboot Android or spend time killing various cryptic processes, so he rebooted all the phones.

Froyo Slightly Faster?

On a freshly rebooted Nexus One, Android 2.2 Froyo is slightly faster when loading pages without Flash content on Amazon.

The problem is, when he said he’s going to reboot all the phones, the clock shows 1:44 PM. Next scene shows clock at 1:54 PM, 10 minutes later. The iPhone restarts in under 1 minute (more around 40 seconds for me), so where did the 9 minutes go?

Did it take that long to reboot the other 2 phones? Did it require 5 to 10 minute reboot for the Android to run slightly faster than iPhone? How often do you have to reboot Android phones to keep that up?

Android Froyo Flash Battery Life

The review turns a blind eye on battery life.

In 18 minutes, Android drained about 25% of battery, while iPhone only used 4% of battery:

Battery life, Google Android 2.2 Froyo vs. AppleiPhone


Mobile Flash player on Android is buggy, slow, makes the browser non-responsive, and drains battery.

In some very specific circumstances, with Flash disabled, a 2010 Android phone with 2.2 Froyo might be slightly faster than the 2009 iPhone. However for those who visit sites with Flash ads (most web sites), then iPhone beats Android 2.2 Froyo with Flash.

The reviews calls Flash problems “a little slow,” “a little buggy.” Hey, if it’s only “a little” buggy, then why is he uninstalling Flash?

Other Android reviewers, such as engadget, said mobile Flash heats up the phone and drains battery life.

Other Notes

Android works so well, “sometimes [screen rotation] gets a little bit stuck” (1:33)

The 2010 “HD2 didn’t load anything” in terms of embedded YouTube content, (iPhone is capable of that in 2007).

The Pocketnow reviewer makes up the excuse that Flash Player is “beta.” He completely forgot that the iPhone he showed is also running beta software, with a major difference:

Apple beta: smooth, responsive.
Adobe beta for Android: lagging, slow.

By the way, the new iPhone will be unveiled in a few weeks at 2010 Apple WWDC and Apple CEO Steve Jobs said “you won’t be disappointed.” Do you think Apple will leapfrog Android in a few weeks?


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47 Responses to “Android 2.2 Froyo Browser Speed Test: Adobe Flash Performance “A Little Buggy””

  1. zodiacfever

    my god, this is very biased. Do you own Apple stock?

    What is that whole rant about reboot times? i never reboot my nexus one. and it does run very smooth..

    it also beats the iphone in almost all tests with flash set to “on-demand” which will likely be the preferred setting for users. And yes you are comparing a browser that loads flash content, to a browser that doesn’t.. of course the iphone will load pages faster under those circumstances, its leaving big chunks of the web page out!

    regarding that battery claim – of course it will drain more battery, as it is running something that requires more CPU power. But those numbers are not even an educated guess on your part. The android phone shows battery in “25% intervals”, so it could just have been very close to changing the indicator at that point.

    Finally, you have to remember that this is in fact a BETA, so bugs and glitches are to be expected + the beta doesn’t have GPU acceleration, so that should help alot. And no one is forcing you to install the flash plugin, if you feel it downgrades your browsing experience. If you don’t install, you will have a stock browser that outperforms the Iphone 3GS most of the time, when it comes to fast browsing (heck even the HD2 running wm 6.5 did better then the iphone most of the time, for browsing that is).

    oh and even though the Iphone 3GS is a 2009 device, and the Nexus one is a 2010 device, there is only a 6 month difference between them.

    • So you are saying your device is so superior, you have no idea how much battery life that it has left?

      “heck even the HD2 running wm 6.5 did better then the iphone most of the time, for browsing that is”

      You fail to realize that the WiMP is using Opera mini, which uses server side rendering. In exchange for some speed it has problems with a number of sites. See Acid3 test:

      The whole beta excuse is pretty weak. What would you think if we wrote: you are comparing to the iPhone running a BETA OS so your results and conclusions are invalid.

      Why don’t they release a non-beta software? No one is forcing Adobe to release beta software.

  2. zodiacfever

    I am saying I have a general idea of how much battery I have left, and if I want it in details there are alot of options for that. There is a built in option that goes into great detail about the battery, especially where all that battery power went. Then there are loads of applications available, and finally there are Widgets with tons of info right at the homescreen if I want it. And please don’t think I am defending windows mobile, that comment was just to tickle your apple rage. Some people do put out very complete beta products, adobe probably had to show the world their progress so far, before Mr jobs gave them to bad a Rep. And the video doesn’t reflect the actual flash experience on my device, that’s for sure. Things are running great here. Also, remember that no one claimed that flash would give you the fastest browsing experience. When Andy said that android 2.2 had the fastest browser, he did not mention flash. So maybe this test is pretty pointless?

    • You think Flash got a bad rap because Apple said so?

      Let’s see…

      Adobe delivers a piece of software that is exactly what Apple predicted: that it’s buggy and battery draining. Must be Apple’s fault that Adobe can’t make their software work properly.

  3. zodiacfever

    Not sure what flash plugin you have been using, but i wouldnt call it buggy at all. As for battery drain, its not been any worse then any other cpu intensive task, like games and movies.. jobs also predicted that it just wouldn’t work at all for mobile phones, and i have proof right here in my hands that it does..

    Its actually pretty simple.. if you dont want the added option of flash, stick with your platform. The rest of us can enjoy flash if we want to, so be happy for us

    • Do you realize Firefox also said Flash crashes a lot?

      Do you know why people install flash blockers? (Perhaps because Flash is the best thing ever made)

      Do you know why Microsoft is supporting HTML5 against Flash?

      Please continue to enjoy your floppy drive while people move on to future technology.

    • zodiacfever

      You make it sound like i’m getting left behind, which i am not at all. I am not choosing between HTML5 and flash. I’m choosing both.

      And unlike the floppy drive comparison, flash is still very used today. I use flash every single day, and right now there is no substitute for that, other then actually NOT visiting alot of sites.. and why would i limit my browsing experience? i will enjoy flash, probably for years to come. If not, i’ll enjoy whatever else has come around by then. I have that luxury, you dont.

    • What you are saying now has already been said plenty of times since 2007. That’s like saying but an automobile can be run on coal and steam, therefore a car must support the “option.”

      In case you forgot or was not around when this happened, when floppy drive was dropped by Apple, it was still commonly used on PCs.

      People thought the original Apple iMac was doomed to failure due to lack of floppy drive. In reality that iMac turned out to be a huge success.

      Same thing with iPhone. No Flash since 2007.

  4. zodiacfever

    Comparing flash to steam and coal is sort of stupid though. Flash is current tech not ancient tech. There is bound to be a transition phase, and during that time you are left in the dark. Hulu has said that html5 is not ready yet, so what will you do while you wait?

    When they left out the floppy drive, that transition had already happened. I’m sure the imac success wasn’t due to the lack of a floppy drive

    This will be my last comment, since this is getting us nowhere. I am not anti-apple, just pro-gadgets in general, so arguing with you is like trying to convince a buddhist that there is no afterlife. Even if i succeed none of us will really be better off

    • “When they left out the floppy drive, that transition had already happened. “

      Completely wrong. Check your history. Apple iMac first came out in 1998. It took most PC makers over half a decade to drop floppy drives (i.e. Dell dropped floppy in 2003). Sony FINALLY discontinued floppy drives this year, in April 2010.

      The same type of people who said Apple is doomed without floppy drives are just regurgitating the same zealotry with Flash.

  5. 1NEX3D

    So let me get this strait what you’re saying is that Android can do Flash but iPhone still can’t. Sucks to be you. I’m gonna go enjoy Flash on my Android powered phone.

  6. Stavros

    “That’s like saying but an automobile can be run on coal and steam, therefore a car must support the “option.””

    No, it’s like saying that sometimes a car won’t get you where you want, and you need a 4×4 or a hovercraft. Fortunately the new android browsers with on-demand flash plugin support are the most efficent way of driving on the road, and are also able to get through the swamp when necessary.

    On demand stuff is great. It’s hilarious when people seem to think they are better having no choice. The only logical conclusion is that they don’t trust their own judgement and would rather someone else made the decisions. Good luck with that. Sincerely.

    • It has happened before when Apple dropped the 5.25″ floppy.

      It has happened before when Apple dropped the 3.5″ floppy.

      It has happened before when Apple dropped the zip disk.

      It’s hilarious to see people who are behind the curve still think they “need” their floppy drives.

      LOL. Calling Android with Flash efficient? Wow. Thanks for the laugh. =)

    • Alan

      I’m not even involved in this conversation… it’s pretty funny that you keep bringing up how apple dropped floppy drives. So what?? It’s 1) not related to phone technology 2) I didn’t have a floppy in my computer in 1995…. *GASP*

      It’s pretty easy for them to do something like that when they control every part of your computer. It’s not that Microsoft or Dell or anybody was saying “floppies are the tech of the future, we’re going to keep them in computers forever even though we’re putting CD drives in them too”, it’s more of a “our customers have software that they only have on floppy to install and they’re cheap so we may as well put one in”

      I’m sure you think it’s horrible that some people may have had software that they used or had especially designed for them that originally came on floppies and they wanted to keep using it but not everyone feels the need to drop a ton of cash to constantly buy something that has new features that other tech devices have had for a long time.

      I personally don’t buy Apple products because I think they’re overpriced. I mean, they make great interfaces.. better than anyone else really but that’s about all they do and I can deal with a couple more clicks to get something done for half the price and the ability to do whatever I feel like with it.

    • Wow, you “don’t have a floppy in 1995″? Thanks for the laugh. ROTF. Best joke I’ve heard today. Saying that is akin as saying you don’t have USB today.

      Just because you can’t afford a BMW doesn’t mean its over priced.

      By the way, PHD computer scientists disagree that Apple computers are over-priced:

  7. Stavros

    Again, you have intentionally failed to understand the comment and responded to something else in your mind. Yes, Apple has dropped things before, great for them. It’s also totally irrelevant.

    Yes, the Android browser is faster and more efficient than any other mobile browser. It also supports flash.

    Flash support is only enabled if a someone decides to install it. ie. by default the web experience is similar to an iPhone / iPad except faster – on Nexus one class hardware.

    This is using the webkit javascript benchmark (you know the one that Apple helped invent) with an animated frontend to indicate progress. (The animation is trivial and unconnected with the benchmark)

    Be clear about this – a smartphone is running a browser that performs significantly better than the iPad for javascript. Since javascript is what makes HTML5 dynamic and interactive (and the reason some uninformed people think it will kill Flash), this is quite an important thing. So yes, the android browser is efficient and fast compared to “The best browsing experience you’ve ever had”. This isn’t even on latest generation phone hardware.

    If Flash is installed as on-demand, then the browser remains more efficient than any other mobile browser BUT Flash can be played on demand for specific requirements.

    When lots of Flash is running on a page, of course it slows down the experience, it’s like having several apps running at the same time (I know this is something of an alien concept for a current iOS user.) It is entirely under the users choice and control how much Flash content (how many apps) they run – if any. Most users on most pages will only want to run one Flash app at a time.

    Interactive content and apps use the CPU and battery whatever language they are written in. There are a number of tests which show Flash to be more efficient in many cases with current technology. Javascript performance will continue to improve, but it’s not there yet.

    Comparing Flash to a floppy drive shows you don’t understand the situation at all. Floppy drives were dropped when there were well established feasible alternatives. HTML5 is not ready to replace Flash for all applications, and nobody with any credibility has suggested otherwise.

    Hopefully for certain applications HTML5 will take over. Advertising is an obvious one, as is unprotected streaming video (although there are some serious issues with this, but that’s another story.) Annoying HTML5 adverts will work similarly to Flash ones, with just the same performance hit, but they won’t be able to be blocked by easily turning off the plugin, or a Flash blocker. This will be good for ad supported sites at least, but don’t count on your HTML5 / javascript device running them for free with no performance hit.

    Having developed both HTML and Flash software (amongst others) for longer than I care to remember, I will celebrate the day when Flash dies, but it’s not coming soon sadly.

    Now go and read around the subject. You’re welcome.

    • Steve Jobs explains “War on Flash”:

      Again, you have intentionally failed to understand Flash is a 90s’ technology on the way out.

      You can visit most major websites on and iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch because they made HTML5 compatible versions in 3 months, while Adobe makes a buggy, slow Flash plugin after more than 3 years.

      Completely wrong in your history. Apple dropped floppy drives in 1998. People like you cried over it using similar explanations on why it’s bad. But PC makers finally dropped floppy drives years later.

      The whole point is HTML5 is much more efficient, and does not depend on 1 company that profits from it to slowly update its buggy software.

      As to speed test, Android browser still doesn’t fully pass the HTML5 compatibility ACID3 test, while Apple browser has enjoyed 100/100 for years. Plus, given any platform, you can find tests to reach your own conclusions.

      Since latest Android browser still doesn’t fully pass the ACID3 test, I bet it’s possible to demo web sites that don’t work properly on Froyo.

      So now an “open” HTML5 video stream is bad?

      You want Apple to be “open” but buys into Adobe’s PR that “open” HTML5 video is bad. FYI, even protected / encrypted streaming video can be captured easily, so your point is moot.

      Good job buying into the Adobe PR offensive. Go ahead and ignore the Flash performance penalty and security problems.

      Guess what, even Microsoft and Google said HTML5 is the future. Go ahead and ignore that fact. You’re welcome. =)

  8. Stavros

    We’ll see in 5 years time when the current generation of iProducts is obsolete and been replaced with new ones whether Flash is still around. I’d rather it went away and we got a complete open standard, but I know what I think the wise money’s on (and the money of Hulu, Time Warner and the media DRM dinosaurs). Too much infighting with HTML5, and posing over implementation statistics on aspects that aren’t yet finished for the moment.

    When HTML5 gets to be competetive with Flash in performance terms it will take more of its application share, but that’s not going to be for a while. The figures aren’t good performance-wise yet.

    I see you’re currently running a flash advert for iphone cases in your baner. You’d think the advertisers would have caught on by now…

    By the way, that benchmark was the webkit sunspider suite, so it’s unlikely to favour android per se.

  9. dkelley

    seriously… your first statement calls android an iphone knockoff?

    please do your research before making assumptions. android was in development before iphone ever existed. which is a knock off of which in reality?

    android shares almost nothing with the iphone, it has a very different feature set and works completely differently both under the covers and in the user interface.

    a knock off would mean it copied the iphone, typically at a lower price point and typically with restricted features.

    it’s well accepted that android offers a lot more features than the iphone. it’s also well known that until the last 9 or 10 months iphone’s have had a snappier UI as far as responsiveness goes.

    that’s changed though – android phones are very responsive, while adding features all the time.

    one could say that iphone os4 is a knock off of android. it copies several previously android specific features, and it does so pretty well too.

    realistically, win-CE was first with some of the features both iphone and android employ in the user interface – but it’s so atrocious a performer with such an archaic underlying operating system that power users don’t even consider it a realistic competitor any longer – the current windows smartphones sometimes can’t keep up with the modern user’s needs.

    iphone and android are both great – but there is no way that android is anythign other than an equal competitor in the race to the finish line, not a knock off of the iphone.

    I prefer android, but I respect iphone immensely and still see some thigns in the responsiveness that it does better. As a developer I also understand that it’s much easier to make the UI more responsive the way apple did it… maybe that was smart, I don’t know, but as time moves forward I’m quite certain that android will be the #1 smart phone OS and everythign else will be a niche market.

    I love Apple – I prefer apple computers, I love the ipad, I love the iphone. but I prefer my htc hero.

  10. dkelley

    oh, and just one more thing LoL

    my stock android 1.5 hero has run flash perfectly for half a year now.

    “open” platform doesn’t equate to “let’s release a brand new operating system version to dozens of untested devices willy nilly and forget how to release a product safely with thorough testing”… it means “let’s release the product to the only hardware we have direct control over, our own smartphone”. they also released the 2.2 code to htc and all of the other vendors, and it’s up to those vendors to then go and modify their own customized code and test thoroughly before updating to the public (htc specially so having plenty of their own proprietary code “sense” UI stuff in every htc android phone released).

    JIT compilation is an extremely difficult thing to execute perfectly and very much hardware dependent. offering the upgrade to more than one phone model isn’t easy at all.

    “Open”, again, for emphasis, has nothing to do with how a new software version is released.

    OH and for the record, I’m running 2.1 on my hero which was released with 1.5. When 2.2 is ported to my phone (which is making fast headway now that google released the source code (because it’s “open” as you call it)), I’ll be able to try it out and keep it if I like it better than the 2.1 version I have now.

    Have you updated your iphone to OS 4 yet?

    Erm…. CAN you update your iphone? for my phone, I downloaded the 105mb image file, copied it to my phone’s sd card (over wifi from my macbook pro via smb network sharing, took about 3 minutes), rebooted my phone and told it to flash the zip file.

    10 minutes later I was running 2.1.

    how do you update your iphone?

    cheers :-)

    • iPhone has supported updates for 3 years.

      There are Android phones from last year that are not getting this year’s update.

      Updated iPhone to iOS 4 is extremely easy.

  11. TruthSpeaker

    I was bored so…

    People quit commenting on this post. It’s obvious this guy is Pro Apple, anti-Google person. When my anti-span word for this post had to be “icanhaz iphone”, I can only begin to wonder how much of a apple fan he is. Being an N1 user, without any bias, I can honestly say that most of his comments are either dead wrong or just used to boost his feeling about flash. Look at his avatar icon. It’s clear where he stands. I own both and I KNOW for a fact the iPhone has great apps, but that’s it. Design was placed over engineering (not the first time this happened at Apple), call quality sucks, and the battery depreciates fast over time.

    Seriously, do some research on Android and it’s devices before doing something like this. This doesn’t make you look knowledgeable.

    “This week, Google released the latest Android update, 2.2 Froyo. Surely, Google, a company touting an “open” platform would release its latest “open” software to all “open” Android devices? Nope.”

    The Nexus One device is Google’s own. It was given to developers for free. The reason it gets it first is because it’s the preferred developers device. Let me put it in a way you can understand. It’s the same reason why Apple gave Dev Systems to developers when they switched to Intel. It’s to have a platform developers can develop on. The N1 paved the way for Android devices to step out of the low budget arena. This was written May 25. Froyo was NOT released then. It was in development stage. It wasn’t released until later (yes the boot time increased ALOT, which has NOTHING to do with browsers BTW). So your argument about iOS4 being in development, so was Froyo.

    “At this time, Android 2.2 Froyo is only released for Google’s own Nexus One with very low demand.”

    No comment on that. Bias is clear.

    Flash works fine on my N1. Battery life is not impacted since I’m not using a flash app 24/7. Apple got it’s panties in a bunch when Adobe couldn’t deliver. I wish Flash would go away. Don’t be an idiot and believe that if Adobe had delivered flash on time, that it wouldn’t be on the iPhone. As for the video. Any WISE person wouldn’t LOAD EVERY flash ad within a mobile browser. They would use the option “on-demand”. Having the option is NICE. Ask any REASONABLE user. Flash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People just create sites for iPad and iPhone to accomodate those users.

    As for Adobe, since they are the #1 when it comes to web development tools. HTML5 is kind of in their court. The fate of HTML5 is kind of like XHTML, without Dreamweaver support, it won’t fly far.

    How did a post come to floppy and who got rid of it? First, Apple didn’t NEED the floppy and since they went a closed case system, it didn’t make sense to put in something like that which would increase repair requests. It had nothing to do which trying to pave the way. It was a smart decision otherwise.

    As for Apple is the reason why 5.25 is gone. Simply not true. Many where involved. Sony helped develop and push the 3.5 floppy to move away from 5.25, not Apple.

    • FAIL. Apple was the first to get rid of floppy, but Apple is also the first to make USB standard on its computers. Surely making USB standard on is an effort to keep everything closed.

      Blind Fandroid is blind and clueless.

      You do know Google already obsoletes (discontinued) Nexus One because they didn’t make enough money from it? Of course not.

      FYI, it’s closed to nerds, but open to the general public.

  12. the Real OP Editor

    I am not anti-android.. nor anti apple.. I am just a consumer..

    Right now, Iphone does not support flash.. Android Froyo supports flash, albiet in beta and buggy, I can still play flash games (facebook, evony, etc..) and watch videos (animeseason, etc..)…

    if Iphone 5 comes out or new version of iPad comes out with flash support, and if flash experience is better than Froyo, then I will buy iPhone…

    I will not be controlled by a product by sacrificing what I love to do…

    if HTML5 is the future and arrives, Froyo also supports html5…

    until then, if you really hate flash that much, then use only Ipad and Iphone for your internet usage… don’t ever use flash capable computers….

    • LOL. Unfortunately some people fail to realize the most popular games are available on iOS, and most new “flash” videos are available in a non-flash format for iOS.

      Sure, destroy your batter life and make your browser laggy with Flash. No one is stopping you.

  13. romp-the-omp


    One word, though totally unrelated (like the floppy, USB, etc., comments from the UNO Experto of this site):


    yeah baby!

  14. Reply Leaver

    This is the funniest load of crap I’ve ever seen. I have both an iPhone running iOS 4.0.0 and a Leo running froyo. The only thing that sucks about either is

    droid – US HTC Leo comes with winmo stock
    iOS – Steve Jobs is a flash nazi. and the processor in the 3G sucks.

    html5 is great, but are you really just going to sit back and be okay the Jobs’ dictating you will never have mobile access to hundreds of thousands of pre-existing web sites/apps created with flash/flex? Those web devs aren’t going to be ‘porting’ those sites to html 5.

    If iOS users didn’t want flash, they wouldn’t be working on frash. google it.

    • The problem is the Android flash does not work on most of those “hundreds of thousands of pre-existing web sites” you mentioned either.

      Sure, keep fooling yourself.

    • Reply Leaver

      Sure man, sure. I can understand your point of view.
      Being attacked by trolls all day long would jade me as well; I think the overall point folks are trying to make to you here is if you are going to play the role of product reviewer, you should try to remain objectionable, versus being outright, blatantly biased.

      I love my iphone, but I really don’t think outlawing flash on iOS is helping to further the communicative capability of the world.

    • Regular readers read only new stories, so trolls gone wild in the old ones. They seem to love the outdated stuff such as flash for some reason. ;)

  15. Chicken without a name

    Apparently, Steve Jobs is starting to feel the power of android. He just allowed “other” tools to be used to make iphone apps.. and that includes the previously banned tool that converts flash apps to iphone apps.

    He is probably right.. html5 gets finalized by 2022… or later…

    in the meantime, someone won’t be able to see any flash related websites like Hulu, facebook games, etc… unless.. he uses non-iphone/ipad technology behind our backs.. hehehe

    also, flash is buggy and battery hog.. but why should Steve control what I want? i want a battery hog that consumes my phone’s battery.. so every 2 years, I have a real reason to upgrade my phone… unlike some people who gives money to Steve Jobs even if their phones are still fully functioning with no battery defect.. ooops.. even with antenagate you are still willing to buy the product as long as it is made by Steve Jobs.. hahaha

  16. Chicken without a name

    i agree with you.. some tools are completely useless.. like the ipad… why would I buy that useless tool where I need to pay for hulu? I can get hulu through android and my pc… useless.. really.. ipad… ughhh…

  17. Chicken without a name

    hahaha… business use iPads.. that is a funny joke… do you honestly say that you are using the Ipad and the Iphone in making this article? trying using the ipad in coding 1000+ sql codes.. or perhaps making excel pivot charts (15 pivot tables) containing 16,000 to 20,000 rows…

    real people use pads without the “i”…. the mousepad on a real computer…

    i did not say that android is much better… but, no real, BIG business use ipads.. solely ipads in running their business…

    i understand your a comedian by night?

  18. Chicken without a name

    So, what business does NOT run any flash at all? more Confused…

  19. Chicken without a name

    apple? the company that claims to be American but has all their products manufactured in China? wow.. way to get Americans go unemployed…

    • Do you know 99% of the U.S. citizen’s origins are immigrants? Do you know most things you use are made in China? Do you know a good portion of your food ingredients are made outside of the US?

      Of course not. Thanks for showing your self highly fed of fud and lowly taught.

  20. Chicken without a name

    so? still does not explain why Apple presents itself as an American company but has its products made by China…

    best to describe themselves as a Chinese company in America selling Chinese products…

    • Android phones are made in china
      Microsoft software disks are made in china
      etc. ;)

      Not sure if you are born dull or if someone dropped you when you are young or something like that.


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