Project Jarvis, Digital Personal Assistant from Ironman, Created on Mac Mini

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
By OP Editor

Inspired by Iron Man billionaire Tony Stark’s AI digital personal assistant, Bostonian Chad Barraford builds his own Project Jarvis on a Mac Mini.

Project Jarvis voice recognition runs on Mac Mini, homage to IronMan movie

With no R&D department and no billion dollar budget, Chad enhances his Boston Coolidge Corner apartment with an artificial intelligence program that lives on an Apple Mac Mini:

Chad started developing his Project Jarvis app in March 2009. A simple program originally, the custom AppleScript AI is now integrated with Chad’s social networking, personal finance, weather, and the apartment lighting, appliances.

Inspired by Iron Man:

Project Jarvis, Iron Man Tony Stark Mac

Project Jarvis lives on a four year-old Mac Mini, which has built-in speech recognition from Mac OS X:

Project Jarvis custom Apple Script program Mac Mini with voice recognition

Chad’s personal artificial intelligence program can be controlled via various methods, including voice control, remote control, and IM control via twitter. It even keeps tracks of guests, packages, and Netflix rentals with RFID tags. It can even change the environment depending on who’s in the apartment. Pretty amazing.

Man’s best friend [] via tuaw
Project Jarvis [projectjarvis]


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7 Responses to “Project Jarvis, Digital Personal Assistant from Ironman, Created on Mac Mini”

  1. Arnett Banks

    Hey I Love Jarvis I’ve been looking for something like this for the past 2 years for help with my ideas and work flow around my home office I’m 27 yrs old and I’m a mac fan boy I admit it, however I need something like Jarvis to be everywhere with me not just on my imac but with me in my iphone as an app also in my ipad and a browser base client as well so I can get to him everywhere even if I upgrade my card dashboard to a smart dash is this something your working on? also have you researched xbox “project natal” although they just changed the name to kinect or something there is a developer who created a game called milo look it up on youtube it will blow your mind it’s a AI Boy who interacts with humans without any hesitation it picks up on tones face expressions and everything but they have it on a game platform if made into a personal assistant it would kill search ie google the way we know it to be today by typing in our queries it would just fetch raw information and relay it back by speaking and performing task I’M SORRY I’M RANTING but please email me I would love to chat with you if you have a min send me an email at

    • Note the Project Jarvis web site is clearly listed above. Typically these type of “email me” posts are sometimes ttempts to collect email for spamming.

  2. Arnett Banks

    No I honestly love the idea and did’nt see the site so please look over my email being posted because it was not my intent to collect emails for spam i think this guy has something big and I look to see this be a hit years to come.

  3. James

    looks like there are a few projects out there. Recently I found this one and looks very promising!

  4. jasper

    quisiera mas info sobre el poyecto jarvis soy chileno y me encantaria saber mas de el y quien sabe quizas cargarlo en mi computadora atte miguel


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