Microsoft Kin Phone Target Market

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
By OP Editor

This week, Microsoft introduces a crippled self-branded Windows phone named Kin, a repackaged Danger Hiptop / T-Mobile Sidekick. So who is the Kin target audience?

Advertised Microsoft Kin Target Market

Microsoft Kin Phone Target Market, Advertised

Actual Kin Target Audience, Projected

Microsoft Kin Phone Target Market, Actual
Tag-line: f’KIN useless, share your inability to stump up the cash for an iPhone

Microsoft Zune Actual Target Audience

The projected Microsoft Kin target market is not too far off from the young version of the Microsoft Zune tattoo guy:
Microsoft Zune tattoo guy fail

(And yes, OP has a Microsoft Kin phone analysis in the works! Stay tuned for an article making fun of the Microsoft Kin.)

F’KIN useless Kin user image via Comment on giz article “enough with the hipsters,” but comment was removed, thus no source available.


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Tags: Fail, Humor, Microsoft

4 Responses to “Microsoft Kin Phone Target Market”

  1. Don

    Making fun of these two losers should be relatively easy, don’t ya think?

  2. lower

    I don’t know about the second dude, but a young Mats Lindoff should not be used as an example of a looser…


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