LOLCAT APPROVED: Cat Piano iPhone iPad App

Saturday, April 17, 2010
By OP Editor

Want to prank, confuse, or talk to your cat? There’s an awesome App for that. For iPhone and iPad.

Lolcat approved Cat Piano, Apple iPhone iPad app

Most entertaining instrument ever. Cat Piano for iPhone & iPad [itunes link] is a piano of cat meows that drives felines and non-lolcat-initiated wild.

Video: Cat Piano iPhone iPad App

Here’s a hilarious feline reaction to Cat Piano. The cat talks back!

App developer George Talusan is not lying when he says: “Cat respond to the sounds, especially Furball.” The App has 10 cat meows:

Cat Piano, Angelic meow, Apple iPhone iPad app
Grand Cat Piano, Apple iPhone iPad app

Best App Ever? Turn a boring cat into a talking lolcat. It even has a grand piano mode. And yes, the keyboard has multi-touch polyphonic chords that plays sounds simultaneously!

Get it here:
Cat Piano [itunes link] Universal iPhone iPad App

via (with more videos)
Hate your pet? Then you’ll LOVE Cat Piano [macenstein]


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